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Top Ten Posts of the Last TTC Year!

Well, we can officially call it a year. October 28th 2013 to October 28th 2014! The Toy Chronicle has survived its first full year, fairly unscathed too. To celebrate we thought we would take a look back at the Top Ten most viewed posts over the last year. What was your favourite post of the year?

10. (24th May 2014 with 1528 pageviews)

We start off our list with one of our favourite posts of the year. The Toy Chronicle May Bank Holiday Crazy Ass Sale. We hid a 99% discount code somewhere within the website. Lots of you searched for it. So much so the website had almost 20,000 page views over the period of the Bank Holiday weekend. The page that the code was located on had 16 views. The code was never found.

[frame align=”center”]TTC May Bank Holiday Crazy Ass Sale[/frame]


9. (21st August 2014 with 1563 pageviews)

The draw entry info for the 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human Test Body edition drew alot of interest when it was dropped in August. Clearly a very impressive piece. Making it in to our Top Nine position.

[frame align=”center”]Synthetic-Human-Test-Body-Edition-The-Toy-Chronicle-Banner-1000Toys-TOA-Heavy-Industries-TTC-banner[/frame]


8. (9th October 2014 with 1607 pageviews)

Our Art Wars Moniker post sparked some great interest. Making it in to the Top Eight when it has only barely being on the TTC site. Nice work indeed!

[frame align=”center”]Totoro-Trooper With Artbelow for Moniker Art Fair schoony[/frame]


7. (22nd September 2014 with 1742 pageviews)

These cute Apo Frogs leapfrogged in to our hearts last month. Racking up some impressive pageviews in the meantime!

[frame align=”center”]APO-FROGS-Order-Twelvedot-TTC-banner-[/frame]


6. (28th June 2014 with 2092 pageviews)

Mr Fink makes his little way in to our Number Six slot.

[frame align=”center”]MR-Fink-Fink-warriors-TTC-banner-2-[/frame]


5. (2nd June 2014 with 2236 pageviews)

2014 was the year of the Omen. In total there were 22 different variants of the popular Coarse Omen. Taking our June Omen release post in to the Top Five of the year!

[frame align=”center”]Coarse Omens - New[/frame]


4. (26th March 2014 with 2255 pageviews)

When we released information regarding the ToyConUK 2014 exclusive from ThreeA and OneSixthBruce it grabbed folks attention, easy to see why! Amazing!

[frame align=”center”]UKTK-OSB-TOYCONUK-ThreeA-[/frame]


3. (2nd October 2014 with 2829 pageviews)

Another OneSixthBruce exclusive enters the list, in at Top Three this time with the cute Chibi Groot by Hiroyasu Ike! I am Groot. Possibly.

[frame align=”center”]Chibi-Groot-By-Hiroyasu-Ike-x-OneSixthBruce-Exclusive-TTC-banner-ver-2-[/frame]


2. (8th February 2014 with 4842)

Back in February we discovered My Geek Box, since then thousands more have also discovered My Geek Box too!

[frame align=”center”]My Geek Box[/frame]


1. (7th July 2014 with 15003 pageviews!!)

With an impressive 15,000 pageviews, our Number One post from the last year is the unboxing review of the 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries Synthetic Human! With over 200% more page views that the Number Two spot we have a clear winner! The Synthetic Human also took the Number Nine spot above for their release information. So it was a well accepted piece over the last 12 months!

[frame align=”center”]TTC-SYNTHETIC-HUMAN-1000toys-TOA-Heavy-Industries-Unboxing-Review-[/frame]

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