Nugglife new strains added

Nugglife HQ have been busy and we have total respect for their work ethic
 “Ross the Nugmad”  Known for documenting his travels through art.  Each painting represents a moment in life that was worthy to replicate.  From natural phenomena to trippy space scenes, it makes you wish you traveled in his shoes.
-3 inch custom dunny, magnetically assembles to platform.
-Fully equipped with all painting supplies, and a piece in progress.  He attaches to the platform with a magnet to keep proper balance.
-Accessories are:
3 paint brushes
1 pallet knife
1 pallet
1 nug
1 set of trimmers
All crafted by hand.
-This series also was released with 3 paintings by Ross that document a vision during travels. Nugglife is filled with surprises and I created this character in order to help replicate these sceneries.
“Night Trip”  is one of Ross’s first pieces created during a strain hunt in the late fall. Legend is, that if you follow the trails north you with encounter the purist Northern Light strains.  During his trip he witnessed some killer night sky visuals and this one was his favourite.
-5 x 5 acrylic on wood
“Waterfalls” With spring here Ross travelled a little more west where he encountered the densest woods in Nugglife.  Deep in these trails, nature kinda just takes on its own path.  While seeking some tasty kush Ross came across a natural phenomenal.  Spending an hour to document it precisely.
-Pencil on canvas paper from 1974
-5×7 Framed
“Bong-a-thon” An event not heard often, but for those who experience never regret.  Heading into the mountains just a little south, Ross crossed paths with a little secret smoke out.  With everyone set up in baked out tents, and passing bongs around camp fires, he had to stay for a couple days.  Early Sunday morning before everyone started packing up Ross set up to catch that morning sunrise.  Man what a beautiful view!
-Acrylic on wood
-8×10 Framed
“TV Gro-Box” “Television just got better! Introducing the TV Gro-Box, fully equipped with all your growing needs.  So roll a fatty, grab a snack, and watch them grow.”
-The Retro Television grow box is ready to go.  Based off the Kidrobot TV accessory, this little growroom is like non seen before.  Packed with a solid LED to grow up to 4 massive plants, you won’t be disappointed with your yield.  Unfortunately your limited with channels 0,2, and 4 but I don’t think you’ll mind.
-Each one is custom with a limited series of 8 pieces.
-Made while stoned.
-$80 each
 MINI NUGS: Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, & OG Kush
-Mini Nugs is back with 3 new strains! Each standing about 2.5-3 inches and comes packaged in a plastic stash container.
-limited to 5 pieces per strain
-$25-$30 each
“Stoney Hearts”  CZEE X NUGGLIFE Resin collab
-This cute and cuddly guy is baked out and enjoying life.  Presenting those who cross him with a breeze of green.
-Edition of 3
-hand painted
-$30 each
 “Cigar”  & “Laguardia to Denver” Tee 
-Limited run of 25 pieces each.

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