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Kookie No Good Plush by Flat Bonnie x Scott Tolleson!

Everyone knows this little sad face in his vinyl form, but how about a soft squidgy version? Introducing, the Kookie No Good Plush Edition!

[frame align=”center”]Flat_Bonnie_Scot_Tolleson_Kookie_No_Good_Plush_SDCC[/frame]

Look at that little face! Such pleathery soft sadness. This incarnation is an SDCC exclusive and will have a teeny edition of 20, so get to booth #5139 sharpish if you want one!

Each of these forlorn little chaps comes with their own removable misfortune surprise too, in case your outlook was way too positive that day.

Keep an eye on Scott’s instagram and Flat Bonnie’s Facebook for any future deets!

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