JT Studio’s Rock Gaki Jaws Edition

Last year, JT Studio presented the world with “Rock Gaki” when sent classic gamers into overdrive! now it is time to release the inner hypebeast! With the introduction of the Rock Gaki Series, Capital Company manage to secure a contract with the government to make 03, code name Shark Gaki, Shark is known as the king of the seas, thus 03 have been given a series of modification to accommodate naval/marine mission. 03 main function is to perform various types of naval rescue missions. As the first naval unit, 03 performance are similar to 01. 03 and 01 main differences are the equipment and waterproofing. Due to the reason 03 main function being a rescue unit, 03 weapon system have been slightly weakened and added on lighting feature. The new equipment given to 03 is Special Material Jacket and water board.

The jacket and costume use a special material that has strong durability and high heat and cold resistance, it is made to prevent wear and tear from the environment.  The design of the jacket hoodie is based on the shark features, the optical part of the design can be connected to 03 head connector to allow the vision of the said eyes. Also behind the shark mouth design, fitted with a sonar system, that allows 03 to perform search and rescue missions under low lighting or cave system.

03 also inherited its predecessor, 01, colour scheme, using blue as the main colour, and to differentiate 01 and 03, 03 uses the camo design.

Due to the outstanding performance of 02 security systems, the military is impressed by it and during the period of a contract between government and Capital Company, they took advantage of it and made their naval unit. Because of 02 traits of high obedience and ability of independent thinking on the battlefield to counter-attack, the military and Capital Company created 04, aka Aero Shark, the name might sound like an aerial unit, but 04 does not have the ability to perform a long-distance flight, however, it is able to use the jumping method like the flying fish to perform short-distance flight to ambush the enemy. Thus 04 body material have been changed to the usage of a special type of metal that is low in weight but high in density, the said metal currently are not announce to public, and we named it temporary as metal “X”.

Like 03, 04 was given the same equipment upgrade. 04s jacket and 03 are the same, but 04s have been added a layer of kevlar, to add in the bulletproof effect. This is due to the reason that 04 might encounter a situation with a hostage, it will allow 04 to give protection to the hostage. As for 04s water board, it had added in an accelerator, it is used to perform sudden burst of speed to perform the earlier mentioned flight.

04 also inherited its predecessors colour scheme, 04 inherited 02 red colour scheme, and due to the mission requirement of 04, 04 also uses the camo design. However in the demand of military to further differentiate the two-unit, 04 internal lighting colour have been changed to violet.

Extra note, due to some miscommunication, the supposedly darker tone of 04 was mistakenly made into light pink. But due to the superiority of the performance, the mistake was ignored.

Can you tell JT was a fan of BAPE back in the days?

For Oversea

WHEN: 11th August 2021


Pm 12:00 Taiwan Time     

AM 12:00  New York Time

(Previous Day, Aug,10 , 2021)

 • Jaws edition was made by water transfer printing, the pattern of each product will be different, and the more subtle places cannot be printed. If you are concerned about the above problems, please do not buy.

• Single Price : 280US  + Shipping cost

• Limit 99 Set

•  Figure size : H29cm

 •  JT studio do not accept any reason to cancel after ordering

•  Shipping in 1week (ready stock)

03 – Shark Gaki

隨著Rock Gaki系列的强勢登場,Capital Company 成功與政府合作開發03,代號Shark Gaki,鯊魚被稱爲海中霸主,因此03也被給予相當程度的改造以配合成爲海上以及水中行動。03主要功能為進行各種水上下救援行動。03作爲第一部海軍救援單位,03大體上和01號功效接近。03和01的主要差別在於裝備上的改進以及防水上的强化,同時鑒於03大多用途為救援,03武器系統被稍微弱化以及增加了照明功效。03被給予的新裝備有特殊材質外衣以及噴射水板。



04 – Aero Shark

由於02的警衛能力特出,02被軍方看上也通過政府和Capital Company合作期間,同時開發海軍單位。由於繼承02的特性,軍方看上了02的服從性以及可在戰場上獨立思考進行反擊,軍方連同Capital Company 開發了04 – Aero Shark, 雖然名字接近空戰部隊,04並不具備遠程飛行能力,反而運用飛魚的飛躍方式進行跳躍達成短程飛行以突襲敵人。也因此04的機體方面被植入低重量但高密度的金屬,該金屬目前未被公佈名稱故此暫時名爲“X 金屬”。


04也和03號一樣繼承了前作的色調,04繼承了02號的紅色色調,由於04有必要進行潛入任務,0號也采用了迷彩色。以方便區別02號和04號的分別,軍方要求04的内置光源改爲藍光 。

PS: 我不會告訴你我以前是 BAPE迷。

For Taiwan

 • 價格 :  8200含運 (單隻)

• 限量99

• 尺寸 : 29cm

• 預定後不接受任何理由取消

• 下單後一週內發貨,現貨販售

• 此為水轉印製作,除了每個花紋都不同以外,較細小的地方也無法轉印到,若在意以上問題請勿購買

• 開始販售於 , 2021, 8/11 , PM 12:00台灣時間

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