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If Astro Gaki wasn’t enough from our boy JT Studio hows about these two! Time to hit the (Side + B) and activate Crash Bomber move! Yes, JT has gone and done it, adds that JT spin on Mega Man! Homage to his childhood hero, Jei of JT STUDIO does what he does best and brings you into his 1/6 scale high-end action figure world! Fusing together his style with a taste of the classic game, Mega Man. JT Studio presents Rock Gaki– TD 01 TN. 02!

With the rise of ND series, more competitor showed up alongside its growth. Among them, the Rock Gaki TRACK series by Capital Company stood out the most, a series that aimed to replace the ND. Rock Gaki was built with the intention to introduce the next generation racing, Droid Racing (DR). Rock Gaki TRACK DAY-1, an android with a sturdy frame and high adaptability to its environment. As the first of its line, Rock Gaki was designed to be modifiable by any third party to acknowledge the creativity and skill of anyone and everyone. As the word of its creator professor L, “Imagination is limitless, I want everyone to be able to show their skills and not limit them by what I made.”

Rock Gaki TRACK DAY – 1: As the first mech, its main colour scheme is blue in colour and it comes with a hand cannon. The weaponry is due to the reason that the next generation racing DR did not specify any penalty or punishment in assaulting other racers, thus any weapon that does not harm the audience or bystander is allowed. Rock Gaki TRACK DAY-1 equipment includes a transformable magnetize hoverboard (transformable between magnetize hoverboard and land cruising) and emergency energy charging E-pack. Professor L insists that Rock Gaki TRACK DAY-1 have a humane trait and independent thinking to allow them to access and act according to their situation. Rumour has it, Professor L owned a personal model of Rock Gaki.

TRACK DAY-1 that is capable of travel long distance and able to perform the action of its own thinking to help others that it met, and it causes the public to once thought Rock Gaki is not an android but a human, but the situation is dissolved after Professor L came out and made a public statement about it.

Unlike Rock Gaki TRACK DAY series, Rock Gaki TRACK NIGHT is made with the intention of being the security or law enforcer. And unlike the standard DAY series, NIGHT is made by Dr W, a professor with a different point of view from Dr L, he believed that unmodifiable and secrecy to the tech is key. Thus, the company sees his point and agree to let him lead the team to build the security droids, which is known as Rock Gaki TRACK NIGHT. However, despite Dr W having a different ideology, he did take inspiration from TRACK DAY and Dr L even gave him the authority to access the prototype of Rock Gaki. Due to this act, Dr W decided to begin his NIGHT series numbering 2, to show Dr L his appreciation on aiding his project.

Rock Gaki TRACK NIGHT – 2: NIGHT series first product comes with red color scheme, and like the DAY series, it comes equip with the same hand cannon and gear, with a difference of NIGHT hoverboard are made with stronger material, as its design allow it to be used as shield. And unlike the DAY series, NIGHT series are none modifiable by any third party, it is being set to retaliate according to the severity upon any unauthorized access. NIGHT also come equip with a night vision, to allow it to perform in a dark situation such as nighttime. Since NIGHT was developed for security work purposes, it has the default setting of following the state law and/or the full ruling of DR race. They both have the same independent thinking as the DAY series but are not as humane as DAY.

隨著ND系列的崛起, 許多公司隨著他的崛起而增長。其中以Capital Company 的Rock Gaki TRACK系列最爲特出,他們以取代ND爲目標。Rock Gaki是爲了引進新一代的賽車項目,Droid Racing (DR)而開發的。Rock Gaki TRACK DAY-1
是一部含有穩固的骨架和極高的環境適應性。作爲第一部機體,Rock Gaki被設計爲可容納任何第三方團體的改造或改良,以便任何人發揮他們的創作以及技術。 猶如它的創造者L博士所説,“想象力是無限的,我想要全部人可以發揮他們的技術而不被我的製作局限他們。”
Rock Gaki TRACK DAY-1 :作爲第一部機體,他的主色調為藍色,而且帶有手炮。主要是新一代賽車項目 DR的規矩裏沒有提及任何攻擊其他車手的懲罰,也就是説任何不禍及觀衆或旁觀者的破壞性武器是被允許的。Rock Gaki TRACK DAY-1 裝備包括可變形磁力浮游滑板(磁力浮游以及路上滑板)
以及緊急充電包E-PAD。L博士的主張,Rock Gaki TRACK DAY-1 擁有人性化的個性以及自主獨立性,可以隨機應變各種情況。據説L博士個人擁有的Rock Gaki TRACK DAY-1, 可以獨立完成長途遠行而且還會已自主決定幫助他遇見的人, 一度導致人們懷疑Rock Gaki不是一部機體而是人類
後來博士出面解説以後才消除疑惑。和Rock Gaki TRACK DAY系列相反的,Rock Gaki TRACK NIGHT 是以警衛或守護爲目的而製作的。相比起普通的DAY系列,NIGHT系列是以W博士著手開發,W博士的理念和L博士完全相反,他認爲無法改良以及科技保密性才是正確的。而他們兩人的公司不否認W博士的理念,而同意他領導另一個小隊以開發警衛型機體,也就是Rock Gaki Track Night。雖然兩人有不同理念,W博士還是有借鑒L博士的機體,L博士也同意把Rock Gaki的原型機體的使用權限借給他。而因爲這個舉動,W博士開發的機體編號以2號開始,意爲他對L博士的感謝以及不否認L博士的理念。
Rock Gaki TRACK NIGHT – 2: NIGHT系列的第一部機體以紅色爲主調,和DAY一樣擁有手炮以及裝備,不同的是NIGHT系列的滑板比起DAY的堅固,NIGHT的滑板可以充當盾牌用作防衛。和DAY不一樣的是,NIGHT是無法被第三方進行修改或改造,

For Overseas
• Single Price : 280 US + Shipping cost
• 2PACK Set : 550 US + Shipping cost
• 2PACK Bonus : E- PAD
• Limit 399 Set
• No include the Battery ( AG1x6 )
• Available to ship on Q2, 2021
• Cannot be cancelled after ordered

For Taiwan
• 單人價格 : 8200 TWD
• 雙人包價格 : 16200 TWD ( E-PAD為雙人特典)
• 不包含電池 (AG1 x6)
• 預定後不接受任何理由取消
• 預計發貨時間為2021年第二季
• 開始預購於, 2020, 12/16 , AM 10:00台灣時間

WHEN: • Pre-order on Dec ,16 , 2020 ,
AM 10:00 Taiwan Time
PM 10:00 New York Time
(Previous Day, Dec,15 , 2020)


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