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Jason Freeny x MightyJaxx bring our childhood to 2018

Ahhhhhhh memories… Children of the 90s unite!  Clearly, CatDog is iconic. This show ran on Nickelodeon from 1998-2005 and was about a character who was (duh) half-cat, half-dog.  The cat half was neat, proper, and quite full of himself while the dog was goofy and dumb, constantly messing plans up and getting the duo in trouble.   The question all kids had while watching their favorite Nick cartoon was always “How did they poop?” and “How do things -work- in there??”.

Jason Freeny CatDog

Jason Freeny has always believed that “Fear of anatomy and guts is a learned reaction” that children don’t have; children have wonder and curiosity and awe when exploring how things work, especially in terms of anatomy, so it was fated that he create this vision answering this decades-old question “What is really going on in there”.  And honestly, I’m 100% here for it. His ability to turn a cartoon into anatomical sculpture while retaining the goofy kid-like qualities that made CatDog so loved is unparalleled.  And clearly, there is some kind of intestinal absorption magic going on and I not only accept that but I envy it a little.  Did we ever see CatDog eating?  I can’t remember…

Jason Freeny CatDog

Jason Freeny CatDogJason Freeny CatDog

So, this epic work of Pop Art is dropping on MightyJaxx November 10 at 9am EST (3PM BST friends).  I wouldn’t plan on sleeping in on that day because you don’t want to miss this one! I am probably going to have the theme song stuck in my head all week long…


>>Oh, one last thing, so if you’re looking for an update on past pre-orders, Mighty Jaxx is requesting that instead of contacting them, you head HERE to the schedule.  They’re working super hard on getting everything to you as quickly as possible and might not be able to get back to you as quickly and efficiently as you visiting the link above. <<



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