Fugi.me X Shifty Toy Photography, ToyCon UK exclusive prints.

Fugi.me X Shifty toy photography print 1
Dan Perry of Fugi.me fame has teamed up with Shifty Toy Photography to bring you some great toy inspired mini prints to ToyCon UK.

Fugi.me X Shifty toy photography print 2
These A6 size prints are more like, really fancy really limited postcards, as the flip side is a mainly blank apart from the Fugi.me and Shifty Toy Photography logos, Facebook links and the name of the image.
(I would love to get one of these in the post)

20140409-102907 pm.jpg

Fugi.me X Shifty toy photography print 3
They will be sold in packs of 6 at the Fugi.me booth #38.
They are limited to 25 packs and are priced at the pocket change price £5 per pack.
Now as you will see there are only 5 photos in this post but they come in packs of 6, well that’s because each pack contains an unknown chase.
There are 5 chase prints, that are limited to 5 copies of each.

Fugi.me X Shifty toy photography print 4

Fugi.me X Shifty toy photography print 5
I can’t see these hanging around for long, so even if you only like 1 or 2 of the prints, well go see Dan at booth 38 and get some quick, it’s £5 so go get some with the change rattling around in your pocket.

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