Free TTC Stickers

Free TTC Stickers!

To help build The Toy Chronicle brand we are giving away our Logo Stickers, designed by the beautifully talented Mr Lister, to you guys for free. All you have to do is email us your postal address to [email protected] and we’ll pop some in the mail for you. This is open to worldwide TTC fans. We’ve already mailed to Canada, USA, Australia & Spain.

Of course, if you would like to make a donation to cover post & packaging costs, this would be eternally appreciated. We are looking at an average cost of about a £1 to send these, so any small donation would be gratefully received. You can make a donation by clicking the button below…


Once you receive your TTC stickers, please don’t forget to tag @TheToyChronicle in any pics you take with them. Pinky Promise, right?! We want to see them in all their glory. Also tag them with the hashtag #freeTTCstickers so we can find them too. Spread the word. Spread the love. Spread it like Nutella.

We thought it would be fun to keep track of where these stickers are going worldwide. So we’ve put together a wee table to see which location is supporting The Toy Chronicle the most…

City/State Number Sent
London 4
Florida 4
California 4
North Carolina 3
New York 3
Colorado 3
Texas 2
Quebec 2
LA 2
Barcelona 2
Wakefield 1
Virginia 1
Twickenham 1
Toronto 1
Taverny 1
Tasmania 1
Surrey 1
Stainz 1
Southampton 1
Singapore 1
Sheffield 1
Seattle 1
Pennsylvania 1
Oxon 1
Oxford 1
Ontario 1
Ohio 1
New Jersey 1
Montana 1
Minnesota 1
Merseyside 1
Loughborough 1
Liverpool 1
Leicester 1
Las Vegas 1
Indiana 1
Illinois 1
Hemel Hempstead 1
Hawaii 1
Hastings 1
Harrogate 1
Cheshire 1
Burnley 1
British Columbia 1
Brighton 1
Atlanta 1
Alabama 1
Grand Total 66

Many thanks,

The Toy Chronicle


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  1. I’d like some free stickers here in TN. Can you provide me with an email so I can give you my mailing address?


  2. Hi there:)

    The email link provided is not working. I am unsure if it is my phone or a glitch on the page. Very cool of you to give out stickers.. No matter the persons age.. Who doesn’t love getting a sticker!?

    Thank you for your kindness: D

  3. Winters are long and cold here in the “Great White North” Free stickers can entertain little ones for hours!
    Please & Thank You

    250 Amelia St. East Thunder Bay, Ont. P7E 3Z7 Canada

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