Easter Flower Crown Darumao – firestarter design

“Spring is here! Sakura are blooming! And flower crowns are everywhere!”

firestarter design has captured the real spirit of Easter with these lovely candy coloured Darumao
the super sharp details work really well and the flawless finish

Each candy coloured Darumao has been adorned with an adorable little flower crown made of porcelain clay.
A perfect addition to your spring/Easter basket!
Each Easter Darumao will come with some extra goodies!

there is only one of each colour available so get in there quick

Easter Flower Crown Darumao are $60 each and available here now
more firestarter work can be found with a quick click here

The candy blue Darumao has suffered slight collateral damage involving it’s arm but has since been repaired and will be discounted.

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