Delicious Vinyl x COOKone Mr.12 sofubi

Hip-Hop lovers and sofubi fans rejoice! Since ELENA KAZI´S LMNTAL that we haven’t seen such a cool Hip-Hop inspired piece!

BlackBook Toy are proud to announce the debut of Mr.12 sofubi in collaboration with Delicious Vinyl, a mythical Hip-Hop independent label founded by Matt Dike and Michael Ross in 1987, and Japanese graffiti artist based in LA, COOKone. This breathes street culture and we have the chills!


He has a microphone and a joint in his hands and is ready to start party! The gold chain with the label’s logo is truly OG!


MADE IN JAPAN sofubi(soft vinyl), that means undeniable quality. Standing 8” tall, 6points articulation(wrists, arms, and ankles). Sculpted by Kenth Toy Works.

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But that’s not all, there are two more version droppin’; the Iron and Clear;


A more “raw” version with incredible textures for the raw G’s out there!

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For those who like clear cast sofubi there’s the Mr.12 Clear, simple and classy;


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The debut of Mr.12 sofubi are as follows;

1st run of OG colorway(50pcs) come with a postcard signed by COOKone. Every edition comes in a nice pizza box, which is also a great collectible.

A great drop from Blackbook, I guess we felt the need for a new format, something fresh and Mr.12 is just the thing! Well done boys! Spin that!

You can find Blackbook via

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