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The king of melty stuff Buff Monster just took a step forward to keep bringing us all the goods and exclusive content in the best away possible. So with that in mind Buff is splitting the company and the website into two different brands. Two separated websites (and Instagram accounts) too keep things more focused!

Welcome do Stay Melty!

“Stay Melty produces a variety of quality art collectibles designed to delight and inspire. We do things the old fashioned way, by hand in small production runs. The brand is more than just Buff Monster’s artwork, it’s an attitude, a movement, a frame of mind. It speaks to our life, our times and the fact that we gotta enjoy it while it lasts. Stay Melty is about seizing the day, enjoying the simple pleasures of life (especially eating ice cream).”

“The new website features lower and more accurate shipping rates, which I know you’ll appreciate. We’ve also brought the fulfillment back in house; all the orders ship from my studio in NYC. As you can see, we have a bunch of new items on the site, and soon we’ll be adding some print-on-demand and timed releases as well.”


All the news and info about upcoming shows and murals and client projects are up on the newly refocused and updated BuffMonster.com and all the awesome new goodies (and some old ones) on the brand new StayMelty.com.

Follow the brand new Stay Melty at staymelty.com, Instagram and Twitter.

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*pics via Buff Monster

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