Beastlies at Designer Con 2015

Leslie Levings is the artist behind Beastlies and she’ll bring loads of goodies to Designer Con 2015.

First up are two new Fillimander colours that will make their debut at Designer Con:

Fillimander Sky Beastlies The Sky Fillimanders are a beautiful light blue and cost $25 each.

Fillimander Galaxy Beastlies The Galaxy Fillimanders truly are from another world. They are semi-translucent and filled with pale blue and pink glitter. Really cool!
Price: $30 each

There will also be between 9 and 12 snow globes featuring a cute, little Beastlie.

Snowglobe Beastlies

Snowglobe Beastlies I love the winter theme these have going on. The snowballs and gingerbread man are a really nice touch. Plus, who doesn’t like snow globes?
Price: $200 each

Leslie will also have a bunch of Beastlies ($50 each), Beastie face baby onesies and a handful of larval lake monsters at her booth. Now where to find all these wonderful items you ask?

Table 215 Beastlies

You can find Leslie on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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