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Earlier this year our Big Toy Poo (Sir Andy of Hung) was lucky enough to head out to the States and spent some time in San Francisco, where he visited the Kidrobot San Fran store. Getting to know Store Manager, superfifkiki, BTP was able to fire few questions her way….

First, TTC would like to thank you for taking time out to speak to us. So who is superfifkiki?

My super non-super hero name is Korena, I’m the manager of Kidrobot San Francisco, toy and ice cream addict.

How did you find Kidrobot?

I met the then creative director of Kidrobot, Chad Phillips through an event, that my last company ‘agnès b’ was sponsoring.

It was a movie screening party for ‘drawing restraints’ with Matthew Barney and Bjork.

He contacted me a couple of years later to inform me of a job opening in San Francisco. So I went for the job interview and the rest is history.

So having worked behind the scene in Kidrobot for all these years what do you think of the toy scene right now?

The toy scene is always evolving.  I think right now long time collectors are more sophisticated and choosier with what they want to collect for their lack of space.  At the same time, there are always new collectors collecting anything that catches their eyes.  The cycle keeps on going, just perhaps with different trends but the basic is still the same.  What did changed is the fact that a lot of people emerged into customizing and artists themselves from being in the scene.

So this is a touchy subject, but what are your thoughts on Kidrobot closing the London shop?

There wasn’t enough customer support for store to stay open.  It was strictly a matter of business.  Everyone regrets the fact that the store had to close.  If it wasn’t for the pricey real estate, the store will still be there.


We feel like it’s a bad thing for Europe as we don’t have a main shop where artist can do signings etc and no where that Kidrobot can represent. Do you think Kidrobot will open again?

If the toy community is strong there, all of you can support your nearby shops and encourage them to carry more Kidrobot.  If the demand is there, it is not hard to grow a place for artists, signings, and community events to cater around the interest.

 Who’s your top three artist that’s done signings in your shop?

I love all artist signings!

vampy scott-tollesonkozik-signing

What would you personally like to see Kidrobot sign up for a full production toy?

Jermaine Rogers, Martin Hsu, Ryan McGinness, Luke Chueh, Sneaky Raccoon, Yoskay Yamamoto, and the list goes on…….

Having worked for Kidrobot for a number of years what drives you to represent them?

#1, no matter what field I am in, I always believe in what I do and I want to do it best.  #2, I believe in the people who are a part of what I do (artists, fans, co-workers, customers, company).  I want to do my part for them and hope that we can succeed together.  #3, I love art, creativity, and community.  So, this is a good place for me to be.

 I know you like to cook, would you like to see a cooking range?

Oh yes!


You’re a wonderful person and also go out of your way to help the fans but what annoying thing that people ask you?

Annoyance is just a perception.  Everything can be annoying or not all depends on the day or moment.  Fans never annoy me, except when they all ask if I can give them the black Andrew Bell from Dunny 2013 😀

What’s your daily routine of your Kidrobot life?

Work, laugh, work, eat, work, laugh, work, home, eat, laugh, work, sleep.

Do you take your work home with you?


 I know you’re a collector of vinyl/resin toys but do you have any favourites?

I am a big collector 😀  Kidrobot Black Goddess and Digested, Mika Ninagawa Bearbrick 400%, Sketone condiment Dunnys, Jeremyville Dunnys, just to name a few.  I collect a lot of customs by many different artists.  My favorite vinyl to collect are the 3” Dunnys.



Thank you for taking part in this mini interview & I hope to meet you again. You represent Kidrobot well. Kidrobot should be very happy with you as a part of their company (hope they give you a mega pay rise)
Thank you for your time.
(This is a personal view and not the views of Kidrobot)

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  1. I’m not sure KRLDN closing was to do with lack or “customer support” I know that the store was turning a profit and that there was talk that it was reopening in a new location. I would like a KR management perspective on the issue.

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