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Mr.Krispy Series 4 MrMars x Shawn Wigs

Good enough to eat
Mr Krispy is dropping here is the details !!
This series looks like the best ever.
All hand sculpted and resin crafted by Shawn Wigs and Mr Mars
4 chocolate iced
4 blueberry bites
2 pink iced
75$ ea. Bagged and limited edition of ten. All numbered and signed..
4/10 come with mini donut accessories box 😉  Custom designed and printed labels, plus clear packaging.

These look dope as hell great details and branding .. love the donut accessories 🙂

These are launching March 18th debuting at the Mr Mars Studio booth at the Designer toy summit in Memphis TN. All leftovers will be available here March 20th
Mr Mars and Shawn Wigs have served up another delish series here and wont hang about for long
The limited runs keep them fresh and sort after making you hungry for more !!! love it
Also got the heads up that another batch could be dropping in august stay tuned for more details
more work from Mr Mars studios can be found here
more work from Shawn Wigs can be found here

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