Kimmy&Miki Animal Series 2 by 52Toys!

The ever adorable pair Kimmy&Miki are back with an irresistable new series from 52Toys!

With the hustle and bustle of city life, humans have slowly reduced contact with mother nature and inevitably with her animals as well. Kimmy&Miki animal series 2 aims to remind us all to get in touch with our softer and sometimes wilder side. Compared to the previous, this new series utilizes free roaming animals as the source material. These include the playful elephants, lively red pandas, cuddly pandas etc in a bid to bring the animals closer to our hearts. 

As little girls who adore animals, there’s no better way for Kimmy&Miki to express their love with you!

(Chase figures)(Special alt colours)

Product: Kimmy&Miki Animal Series 2

Height: 8cm (approximate 3inches)

Individual Price: 59 CNY (


  • Some products have moveable parts while others come with accessories or removable hats.
  • This product will be launched for our global fans very soon and we appreciate your kind patience.


52TOYS was established in 2015, specialising in putting our own unique spin on well-known brands.

Since then, we have collaborated with many well-known movie, animation, comic and video game franchises in China, Japan and North America. These include “Disney Princesses”, “Frozen”, “Avengers”, “Predator”,  “Alien”, “Chibi Maruko-chan”, “Crayon Shin-chan”, “King of Glory”, “Wu Huang” and “The Legend of Luo Xiaohei”.

We have also developed our very own original line-up of toys such as “Beastbox”, “Kimmy&Miki”, “Plutus Spacemen” and “Modern Ancient” which have all taken the toy collecting community by storm.

52TOYS now occupies a leading position in the industry and continues to bring exciting new innovations to the global audience.

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