52TOYS PIQIQI Little Monster Blind Box

Attention!PIQIQI in Your Area!

Independent, positive and brave! That’s PIQIQI!

You never know how she will surprise you next time. But she always loves herself and express herself bravely.

She is PIQIQI, and She can be You !

Design Concept:

Don’t always be obedient. Surprise people with being mischievous but positive!

PIQIQI is warm and strong-willed. Even though she looks a little bad and even rebellious, she is always motivated and positive.

Girls at present are strong, independent and able to love themselves and love people around them.

Love and Courage are what PIQIQI brings to the fans. We hope PIQIQI will encourage more people and especially girls who can love and express themselves in their lives.

Free Your Mind! Just Like PIQIQI!

Product: PIQIQI Little Monster Series

Brand: 52TOYS

Size: Approx. 9cm-10cm

Material: PVC/ABS

Blind Box Rule: This series of blind box has 8 regular figures and 1 secret figure.  

The ratio of secret figure in PIQIQI Little Monster Series is 1:96.

Note: This product series be available on April 15th in Mainland China and will be launched for our global fans very soon and we appreciate your kind patience.



Founded in 2015, 52TOYS is a pioneer and leader in Collectible Toys Culture in China.

Mission: Injecting more fun into life!

Vision: Making collectible toys a lifestyle for more.

52TOYS is committed to creating collections for each generation.

Product Lines: Blind Box, Transformation figures, Action Figure, Designer/Art Toys

Original IPs: KIMMY&MIKI, BEASTBOX, Modern Ancient, PandaRoll, Lilith, etc.

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