I am not a fat tiger

In the year of the tiger, the elements and creative products of the tiger can be seen everywhere.

Among them, the chubby, naive fat tiger can be called the hottest tiger star in the Year of the Tiger.

With its adorable mannerisms and plump figure, the fat tiger has completely inverted the domineering and fierce image of the tiger as the king of all animals in people’s mind.

虎年,处处可见虎的元素和创意产品。 其中,胖乎乎、天真的胖虎堪称虎年最炙手可热的虎星。 胖虎凭借可爱的举止和丰满的身材,彻底颠覆了人们心目中的万兽之王霸气凶猛的形象。 胖虎的故事 大多数人可能和我一样认为,这张图片是为虎年设计的。 事实上,事实并非如此。 胖虎是 Bu2ma 于 2017 年创作的动物形象。胖虎的灵感来自东北虎。  (东北虎就是这样一只) Bu2ma无意中在网上看到了一组图片。一只吃得很肥的东北虎引起了布2玛的注意。 然后他随便用 iPad 画了这么漂亮的胖虎。这就是胖虎的由来。  直到2020年,胖虎才因一组《猛虎下山》和《猛虎下山》的图片引起了大众的关注。  到目前为止,Bu2ma 在社交媒体上已经拥有数百万粉丝。越来越多的人爱上了这只胖虎…… 为什么胖虎这么可爱? 胖虎如此可爱的秘诀竟然是猫! 原来,在画胖虎之前,布岛一直在学习画猫。  猫和老虎有很多相似之处。胖虎的很多手势和表情都来自猫。 在 Bu2ma 看来,有老虎这样巨大而可怕的动物来做出猫的表情和行为,是一种对比鲜明的可爱。  所以,胖虎

The Story of Fat Tiger

Most people may think, like me, that this image was designed for the Year of the Tiger.

Actually, it is not.

The Fat Tiger is an animal image which was created by Bu2ma in 2017. The inspiration for the Fat Tiger is a northeastern tiger.

(northeastern tiger like this one )

Bu2ma accidentally saw a set of pictures on the Internet. A northeastern tiger that had been eating very fat caught the attention of Bu2ma.

Then he casually used his iPad to draw such an attractive fat tiger. This is the origin of the Fat Tiger.

It was not until 2020 that Fat Tiger attracted the attention of the public due to a set of ” Fierce Tiger Goes to the Mountain” and “Fierce Tiger Goes Down the Mountain” pictures.

Until now, Bu2ma has had millions of followers on social media. More and more people are falling in love with this fat tiger…

Why is the Fat Tiger so cute?

The secret which makes the Fat Tiger so adorable is surprisingly the cat!

It turns out that before drawing the Fat Tiger, Bujima had been learning to draw cats.

There are many similarities between cats and tigers. A lot of the gestures and expressions of the Fat Tiger are from the cat.

In the opinion of Bu2ma, it is a kind of contrasting cuteness to have such a huge and frightening animal as a tiger to make a cat’s expression and behavior.

So, 🐱➕🐯 ➡️ Fat Tiger ❗️

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