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52TOYS BEASTBOX BB-EX04 Heavy Armour

Waiting for an up-sized Dio (or Ghostdog) to match the rest of the BESTBOX crew? The wait is finally over!

BEASTBOX is 52TOYS very own original transforming toy line! Watch as our mechanical beasts fold up meticulously into a 5cm cube.

As one of our main products, we have put a lot of thought into playability as well as transformation sequence to every BEASTBOX. With the clear “Box Charger” provided, collectors are able to freely stack, store and combine multiple boxes in any way they deem fit!

The heavy armour not only improves Dio’s (or Helldiver’s) combat capabilities, it also combines to form a sleek remote drone when called upon! Once Dio (or Helldiver) is in cube mode, the armour up-sizes it into a 5cm cube for easy storage.

For sale in sets:

Dio (BB-01)  + Heavy Armour (BB-EX04) + clear Box Charger

Helldiver (BB-02HD) + Heavy Armour (BB-EX04HD) + clear Box Charger

Product: BEASTBOX Heavy Armour

Product Code: BB-EX04 (includes BB-01 + Box Charger) / BB-EX04HD (includes BB-02HD + Box Charger)

Height: 14cm (approximate)

Note: This product series will be launched for our global fans very soon and we appreciate your kind patience.


52TOYS was established in 2015, specialising in putting our own unique spin on well-known brands.

Since then, we have collaborated with many well-known movie, animation, comic and video game franchises in China, Japan and North America. These include “Disney Princesses”, “Frozen”, “Avengers”, “Predator”,  “Alien”, “Chibi Maruko-chan”, “Crayon Shin-chan”, “King of Glory”, “Wu Huang” and “The Legend of Luo Xiaohei”.

We have also developed our very own original line-up of toys such as “BEASTBOX”, “KIMMY&MIKI”, “PLUTUS SPACEMEN” and “MODERN ANCIENT” which have all taken the toy collecting community by storm.

52TOYS now occupies a leading position in the industry and continues to bring exciting new innovations to the global audience.

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