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Koi Samurai inspired by Takeda Shingen, daimyo (feudal lord), and one of the most famous military leaders of Japan in the Senkogu period.Koi Fish, legends say that it’s a dragon disguise, thus chosen to reflect the spirit of samuraiKoi Samurai is loved by all folks because it always taking care of everyone,and also because he got a pretty record in every war.

Koi Samurai actively develops land property and makes good use of a large number of gold mines in Koshu.Koi Samurai even introduce advanced gold mining technology and issue the first currency in Japan, Koshu-Kin.

However, there’s a secret side of Koi Samurai, it also is one of the members of The 7 Water. Rumour has it the Mon on its armor imply the hint of The 7 Water.This organization is very mysterious, but with the debut of Koi Samurai, maybe this organization will get revealed gradually.

WHEN:  MAY 1nd at 2 p.m.
Material: SOFT VINYL

Size: 13cm
Price 80 USD

Tainan ソ フ ビ decides the second rally

Conscience toy
️Exhibition confirmation ️
This is our first external exposure and sales of goods
Stay tuned

【Activity time】
1 pm~6:30
Start selling at 2pm

【Event Location】
70245 No. 31, Lane 689, Section 1, Ximen Road, South District, Tainan City

Find Fish Samurai on良心玩具-Conscience-Toys-100676654910916/

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