Clutter Gallery Present Gift Wrapped 2016!

Last night (Saturday) saw the opening of the annual Gift Wrapped show at Clutter Gallery in New York, and we had our roaming LIVE streamer there in person to capture the opening night (thanks Rob @ For The Masses Podcast). You can watch the video from our Facebook page below…

Gift Wrapped sees artists from around the world create affordable pieces of art just in time for Christmas.  This year saw a whole host of awesome artists take part including The Bots, Kyle Kirwan, Cat Atomic, CZee Toyz, Tokyo Jesus, ibreaktoys, Wetworks and more. A lot of the work sold yesterday, but any remaining pieces are now available from the Clutter Gallery Store HERE. There are a great selection remaining, so if you were looking to pick something up for yourself or a loved one, now is the time to head on over to Clutter Gallery before they all sell-out.


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