Welcome to YOUR new The Toy Chronicle!

Let it never be said that TTC sits on its ass. We are always looking to improve the experience for you, the TTC reader. To ultimately get your Designer Toy news that you deserve, the E A S Y way!

You may have noticed in recent times that The Toy Chronicle website has received a nice makeover. We have been working on a new website structure that adds some awesome new features. Features that allow YOU to get more involved in what you want to see on The Toy Chronicle! We have included some of the cool, new features below….

Your TTC Member Account!

You can now create your own TTC Member account within The Toy Chronicle website. This will allow you to use some of the new functionality that we have added. It is quick & easy to create your TTC Member account, which you can register HERE. But what can you do with your brand new TTC account, well read on for more….

Earn TTC Points, TTC Ranks & Badges!

Once you have a new TTC Account you can begin collecting TTC Points and Badges for your actions on The Toy Chronicle website. Points will earn you TTC Ranks and also new badges too. How do you earn TTC Points? Very good question! Creating your own TTC Content!! Yup….

Create TTC Content!

TTC content was usually created by a small team of TTC writers. THAT IS NO LONGER THE CASE! You can now create your own TTC content to share with our thousands of readers! Want to share a story about your experiences at DesignerCon, got it! Now you can. What to share your unboxing video to TTC? Perfect, you can! Want to let the TTC readers your Top 10 Kidrobot Dunny designs, creating a List is super easy. You can even allow TTC fans to rank your list. We will bring you more information on each of these submissions in due course but if you want to try create some new TTC Content, head on over to our submission page HERE. TTC Content will be validated before it is released into the wild. Once submitted, TTC will work with you to ensure the content is of the high standard you have come to expect from The Toy Chronicle.

The TTC Forums are now LIVE!

We saw a lot of discussions on our adventures through social media that the loss of the KR Forums was a disappointment. We have created our own TTC Forum for you guys to adopt and make your own. It is completely fresh & new, ready for you to use! You can find the TTC Forum HERE, but first don’t forget to register an account so you can begin creating topics and discussing everything that you enjoy. You can register for a new TTC account HERE.

Trending, Hot & Popular!

One of my favourite aspects to the new TTC site is the ability for us to show YOU what is Trending, what is Hot and what is Popular on The Toy Chronicle! These options are based on the following:

  • TRENDING – which TTC posts are being viewed the most in the last 24 hours!
  • HOT – which TTC posts are being viewed the most in the last 7 days!
  • POPULAR – which TTC posts are being view the most in the last 30 days!

Another great feature of these Trending, Hot or Popular posts, when you’re viewing the TTC Homepage (or Category pages) and a post is Trending, Hot or Popular, we will let you know by the new icons above the post, see below for example! This is great for you guys to see what is really making an impact for our TTC readers! Really easy, really simple! Designer Toy news the E A S Y way, remember!!

This is worth noting that these only include data retrieved since we launched earlier in August, but it does mean that any ‘old’ post from TTC past can make it back to the top of the lists if they get activity on them. We have seen posts that have attracted new interest from over a year ago make it into these lists. Which is great to see.

React to Posts!

Another new feature is the ability to REACT to TTC Posts! How does each TTC post make you feel? Love, LOL, OMG, WTF, Cute or Cry! You have the ability to react to each & every post we publish! Again, in the same way that Trending/Hot/Popular information is available on the TTC Homepage, we also show how people react to posts, as you can see in the image above. This only kicks in after a certain number of TTC Reactions. So please start to react to posts so your fellow TTC readers know how posts are making you feel.

TTC Upvote & Downvote!

As well as the ability to react to posts, we have also included the ability to Upvote & Downvote posts too! This can be found at the bottom of each post as it ends, along with the TTC Reactions too. Every time you vote (or react) to a post, this gets logged into your TTC Account profile, so you can go back and keep track of how you are voting & reacting.

Easy Social Sharing

We have added some really nice & easy social share buttons to our TTC posts. One way for The Toy Chronicle to grow organically, is by our TTC readers interacting with our posts and sharing them with their friends and thus creating a network of TTC readers through your friends. This means the world to us and we always love & appreciate every share or retweet we receive! Now we have made it easier for you to do the sharing & retweeting directly from The Toy Chronicle post.

We did put together a great, simple infographic on the ways that YOU can support The Toy Chronicle!

TTC Shop

We have integrated a TTC Shop into our new site, that allows you to go straight ahead and purchase TTC items direct from our store rather than go to Big Cartel or Etsy etc. You can find some of our pieces on our TTC Shop HERE.

The Toy Chronicle is at the forefront of publishing Designer Toy news, and we are extremely proud of what we have achieved since 2013. We are constantly thinking of ways to make delivering the Designer Toy news in fun & different ways. Please feedback any thoughts on the new TTC functionality or if you happen to find any bugs along the way. We have spent time working on this new site for you to enjoy, so if there are instances where that doesn’t work we want to hear from you. Please drop me an email to [email protected]! Thanks!


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