Wartoise #6 ‘I am Irontoise’ by Andrew Byham

I’m a big admirer of Andrew Byham’s ‘Wartoise’ and this time the ‘toise is back, packing some serious heat, heavy metal and technological wizardry.
Wartoise #6, ‘I Am Irontoise’ is based on Mk1 Iron Man, and includes a glowing “heart” underneath a magnetically mounted canon on top of his shell. -Very cool!

wartoise andrew byham

Irontoise is injured by a booby trap and captured by the enemy, who then orders him to design weapons. His injuries are dire and shrapnel is moving towards his heart. His fellow prisoner constructs a power cell to keep the shrapnel from reaching Irontoise’s heart, keeping him alive. In secret they use the workshop to design and construct a crudely welded carapace constructed from iron plates, with a magnetically attached gun turret hiding the glowing power cell.
 andrewbyham irontoise

Resin figure with polymer clay, Warhammer 40k weaponry and LED glowing power cell, painted to a gunmetal finish in acrylic.

Be quick before this gets snapped up, you’ll be looking to ‘shell’ out just £50 + postage
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