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Wananeko in sofubi By Javier Jiménez : IndiegoGo Project Stretch Goal


Our friend Javier Jiménez , over past few months been working really hard on a secret project! a Sofubi version of his adored character Wananeko which we have covered many occasions. With already the target goal reached and 16 days left to back the project it will be another winner on Javier’s belt! the newest stretch goal for Wananeko soft vinyl figure is to make vinyl guts for the Wananeko figure. Clear with guts sofubi toys are beautiful additions to any collection, as the clear figure lets you see the crazy organs inside perfectly making them really unique.

“Guts have to be sculpted with a soft vinyl figure as a reference for size, so I don’t have anything physical to show you. But what I do have is an anatomy of Wananeko illustration I did as a tribute to Japanese artist and yokai master Shigeru Mizuki. The vinyl guts will be very similar to those you can see in the illustration below”


The next stretch goal target is  $10,000 (and he only needs $800 more!), as soon as he gets the first vinyl figures they will start sculpting the guts, and then ship them to Japan to be produced in vinyl. When they are done, a first clear with guts edition of Wananeko will be produced and offered first to those who backed this project, no matter what reward they chose. Backers will be able to get this version for $50 plus shipping, while the retail price for everybody else will be $75 ,

“An fundraiser IndieGoGo campaign for making my previously released in resin figure of my character Wananeko in sofubi!
Last year when I released it for the first time in Japan, lots of fans asked why it was resin instead of sofubi. They all thought Wananeko would look better in sofubi, and I knew they were right, as sofubi is my favorite material too.”
 [youtube url=””]
Javier started working on this new version, but didn’t want it to be the exact same figure in just another medium…so he made a few changes and improvements to keep it interesting and more fun!
Sofubi design Wananeko Javier Jiménez
Now Wananeko will be 5,9” tall, with 5 points of articulation and with interchangeable hands!
Wananeko can transform his whole body, or just some parts…and he has learned how to turn his hand into a parasite-like gun called the Ghost Blaster!
Clear Pink Vinyl version (Only available through IndieGoGo!)
Clear Pink Vinyl version (Only available through IndieGoGo!)
The sofubi figure will be available in 3 versions: its original colorway (factory painted), DIY white, and a clear pink that will be only available through IndieGogo.
DIY Wananeko Javier Jiménez
I’ve prepared lots of cool rewards for this project, and one of them is a new figure, the Baby version of Wananeko, that will have its resin version as an IndieGoGo exclusive.
There will also be resin customs painted by him, and by artists Candie Bolton and Mark Nagata.
Baby Wananeko Javier Jiménez OOAK
Not only the sofubi but check out the CUTIE Baby Wananeko!
“So I thought: why not make a new figure for this occasion? one that would fit in the StickUp Monsters line and match nicely with the vinyl figure. Then I came up with the idea of making the Baby Wananeko figure. Designed by me and sculpted by Cristina Ravenna, the resin figure will be exclusive to this IndieGoGo campaign, so this is your only chance to score one of the many versions I’ve prepared for you!”
Baby Wananeko Javier Jiménez Original Baby Wananeko Javier Jiménez

So you are thinking why he needs the money? well here is a clean cut answer “Producing a figure in sofubi is more expensive than producing a resin toy. You have to get an prototype sculpt done and sent over to Japan. Then they do a wax copy and use it to make metal molds that are pretty expensive. Then they pull some test shots, and the paint factory needs paint masks as well. These can get very costy.

I’ve already done a lot of work and I’ve also paid for the prototype, so after that I need $4,500-$5,000 to get the wax, metal molds, paint masks and test pulls, then $1,000 or so to pay for the rewards, IndieGoGo and Paypal fees and other expenses that will surely arise. “

Their are plenty of incentives to back the project from as little or as much as you can head over to and back the project.
This campaign started on Feb 16 and will close on March 18, 2015
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This cat isn’t your ordinary cat; he’s had an incredibly sad and hard life. Upon birth, he was abandoned and forced to live alone as a street cat facing peril and danger. Despite growing incredibly strong due to his rough upbringing on the streets of Japan, he still ended up dying, and out of his hate for humans, became a Yokai. He now takes vengeance by shape-shifting into a basket of meowing kittens on porches of the unsuspecting – only to transform back into a Yokai cat when the door is answered. He attacks whoever opens the door, and wreaks havoc on the inside of their home, delivering revenge to those who turned their eye on him when he was in need. That’s where his name comes from… “Wananeko”, which in Japanese, means “Trap Cat”. You can watch the following video to understand the story better:

[youtube url=””]
Give him a Holla Via

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