Violence Toy Designer Con Leftovers

If you didn’t had the chance to attend DCON, there are good news. Violence Toy is putting up for sale the left over items from their booth.

Pieces like the the Future Axe (our personal favourite) in both blank and painted version, the Starchild & DGC-1300, Divine Incarnate and of course the infamous Yowie will be some of the goodness available at Oh and also the awesome Gorelords Puzzle!!!

Future Axe

Painted $150
Blank Neon Pink $80

Starchild & DGC-1300

$60 each.

Divine Incarnate

$200 each.


$150 each.

Gorelords Puzzle

Includes mixed color set of figures, $40.

All this will go live on Sunday January 27th at 4pm PST at

While you’re at it, check also the Gorelords long sleeve shirt, that’s back in stock in all sizes!

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