Instinctoy at DCON Pre-Mail Lottery

Four years later Instinctoy is hitting LA once again on the 11th and 12th of November for DCON! They are aiming to ‘give more opportunities to US customers to get a hold of their toys and exclusives’. That’s why a pre-sale lottery is now up and running for half of their DCON stock of each item. This presale lottery will be available to US customers Only.

On the second day (12th November). Instinct Toy will sell the remaining stock items also via lottery.

Shall we take a look at all the goodness that will be available?

KING KORPSE (opening and skeleton attached model)
“Classic Black-And-White Movie Ver./ B & W “

Priced at USD 600.


“Ultimate Purple”

Priced at USD 550.

“Ultimate Red” 

Priced at USD 550.



Priced at USD 350.



Priced at USD 160.


Mini Vincent “Metallic Green” 

Priced at USD 95.


Inc “inc 23rd color” Colorful Panda”

Priced at USD 90.


GYAWO “Pastel”

Priced at USD 120.


Mini Muckey PINK BLUE Yellow

Priced at USD 60.


Erosion Molly “Christmas 2017 Edition”

Priced at USD 180.


Erosion Molly Pink Blank 

Priced at USD 80.


Erosion Molly Blue GID blank 

Priced at USD 90.


Mini Erosion Molly
“Pink Cherry & Fantasia & Green Fairy” 

Priced at USD 50.


super crab monster INSTINCTOY limited color “DARK THUNDER”

Priced at USD 150.


We’ll let Instinctoy give you the rundown on the pre sales lottery:

[box title=”Important Details”]

If you wish to apply from among the 18 preliminary drawing sales products above, please fill out the information necessary for the following applications and send it to the application reception email address, [email protected] .

  1. Your name:
  2. Address:
  3. Body ID:
  4. Telephone number:
  5. Optional / facebook or Instagram account: (Please fill in the URL of the principal page. It is impossible.)
  6. Items you would like: * Multiple selections possible (Maximum 18 items), however, each person will be 1 person.
    * Below, please describe in order of winning preference order
    number of hope (hope order) added.
    <Drawing list of products list> (※ Please use it for copy paste.)
    【1】 KING KORPSE (opening and skeleton attached model)
    “Classic Black-And-White Movie Ver./ B &
    W” 【2】 KING KORPSE “Ultimate Purple”
    【3】 KING KORPSE ” Ultimate Red ”
    【6】 mini Vincent “Metallic Green”
    【7】 inc “inc 23rd color” Colorful Panda ”
    【8】 GYAWO” Pastel ”
    【9】 mini Muckey” PINK ”
    【10】 mini Muckey” BLUE ”
    【11】 mini Muckey” Yellow ”
    【12】 Erosion Molly” Christmas 2017 Edition ”
    【13】 Erosion Molly Pink Blank
    【14】 Erosion Molly Blue GID blank
    【15】 mini Erosion Molly” Pink Cherry ”
    【16】 mini Erosion Molly” Fantasia ”
    【17】 mini Erosion Molly “Green Fairy”
    super crab monster INSTINCTOY Limited color “DARK THUNDER”

Application deadline is until 23:59 on Wednesday, November 1! <Japan time> The

winning announcement is November 3 days (Friday) until 19 o’clock 


Second day sales instructions;

[box title=”Important Details”]

Customers who purchase our shop’s items should attend the INSTINCTOY booth at 11:00 am on the second day of the event. We will draw a wristband printed with numbering on those who gather in a lottery form with a mechanism that does not show the numbering place. We will start selling at 12 noon. If it is 10 minutes before the start, please line up in the order of numbering.

  • For each person, distribute the wristband one sheet at a time.
  • The staff presses the attachment stick on the wristband. The wristless band that you installed yourself is invalid.
  • After wearing the wristband, please do not remove until the accounting is over. It is ineffective when there is a trace of torn or peeling off.

(* We changed the specification to sturdy paper made from synthetic paper this time, so please rest assured that it will not be torn easily.)

  • Please let me set a maximum purchase limit of 300 dollars per person per account I will. For products with more than $ 300 in 1 unit, the maximum limit will be achieved with only 1 unit.
  • Each item is limited to one per person. Multiple purchases of the same item can not be made.
  • Anyone can participate in the United States regardless of nationality. However, we will limit it to customers over the age of 15.
  • We may ask you to verify your age. Please be sure to bring an identification card that can verify your age.
  • Purchase of goods for resale purposes is strictly prohibited.


Are you getting some? Tell us!


(all info and images lifted from Instinctoy)

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