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VALGOTH The Barbarian by Vini Chav Toys

There’s no stopping Vini Chav! The father of our personal favourite Gortek The Two Headed Goliath returns with one for all you sword and sorcery fans. A hand cast and hand sculpted resin toy filled with detail. This one is so fierce we are tempted to say ‘Conan step aside!’ here comes VALGOTH! Let its name ring in aeons to come!

Valgoth The Barbarian is what the Clergy called him for his numerous heinous crimes. He was ordered to carry out a life sentence confined to the iron mask. He was also to carry out punishment ordered by the clergy on those they deemed deplorables. Fed by the violence and torture he bestowed upon on those unworthy of life he grew stronger and set himself free. 

Vini Chav

Standing just under 2.25″inches. Hand sculpted and hand cast in monochrome variants. Graphite, Fire, Stone. Fire variant is iridescent cast and fluctuates from dark red to oranges. Thin areas do have flexibility. Arrives bagged and tagged in small burlap baggy.

Comes with awsome stickers!

Already available HERE, each one will set you back $20!

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