USER OF FORCE by Punk & Pop Toys

Punk & Pop Toys. Independent resin toys from Argentina made by Sofía Libertad. Sofia already released several iconic bootleg pieces like the ‘Bapho Fett’ (mash-up between the vintage Boba Fett action figure and the hermetic icon commonly known as Baphomet) and the ‘My Deviant Pony’ line (inspired in Hasbro’s Generation 1 ponies) or the subversive FEMINHA (read HERE).

Now she’s back with ‘USER OF FORCE’ the latest resin bootleg toy from Punk & Pop Toys made exclusivly for DKE TOYS for this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

3.75” resin-cast and hand painted figure featuring original card art. It is a limited run of 30, individually numbered and signed.

A mash-up inspired by Sofia’s most beloved sagas: Star Wars and Tron.

Using the classic Kenner’s Luke Skywalker’s vintage sculpt as the base featuring new sculpting and translucent areas and painted-on circuitry just like Tomy’s 1982 action figures for Tron.

Social awarness is also included in Sofa’s signature style, the text crawl on its cardback -a re-elaboration of A New Hope’s crawl- states that “during the battle, Freeware Spies managed to steal secret plans to the International Banking System’s new weapon: SOCIAL ENGINEERING, an eons-old master plan with enough power to destroy critical thinking”…

Priced at $55 each, available exclusively at DKE Toys -booth 2643- at SDCC.

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