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Toy Art Gallery Presents Famous Last Words this Friday

Toy Art Gallery is hosting their last show in their current space (insert sobs). I personally have visited that location and love the space, including the airiness, displays, and general walking distance to other places like brunch or eclectic clothing shops. I’m sad that they won’t have a physical location, but the good news is that they will still continue to have an online store presence and their toy production.


Their farewell show, Famous Last Words, will be this Saturday on September 5, 2015 from 7-10 pm California time. There will be several artists, including Izumonster, Joseph Harmon, Kikkake Toy, Martin Ontiveros, Miscreation Toys, Restore, Pico Pico, T9G, and UamouThere aren’t a lot of sneak peeks (though I’m sure we will see many very soon). Meanwhile, here are some photos that Uamou has shared of their pieces.


Meat Bastardgroep_tag_0

Meat Uamougroup_tag_02_0

Graffiti Painted Big Uamou

Keep an eye on TAG’s Instagram for more show details and peeks! Hope their show is a success and that everyone sends them off with big love.

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