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This -is- the colorway you were looking for: FoodTrooper Redskin Release

In Early October PoOL announced this edition of four to join the FoodTrooper army we love so much and as of October 20th, this beautiful red colorway is available for pre-order! Now,  if you aren’t aware, these guys were called to battle the galaxy’s right to junk food!   As legend tells it, the authorities from a planet named “crudity” started a war on junk food, allowing only healthy food to be consumed.  NEVER FEAR snacky space-men– the FoodTroopers are here to save the day and they are going to do it in a sleek and shiny red way!


PoOL is an extremely talented Popular Culture artist focusing on toys that remind him of his childhood and our nostalgic-collector selves know the force is strong with him as his releases are never anything short of epic.



This 5″ resin piece has two points of articulation, connected via magnet and comes with the Uzi gun pictured 🙂 There are only four of these and they each come with a certificate of authenticity as well.  Made and shipping out of Paris, this FoodTrooper is available for preorder now so click HERE if you’d like to add this amazing resin toy to your collection.  FoodTroopers in Red are set to ship out at the end of November and we are SO excited about it!




Interested in seeing more amazing art like this?  Follow Parisian artist PoOL on Instagram. 


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