The Underwear Mutant Parade by Emilio Subirá!

The Underwear Mutant Parade! Yes! All the weird! All the Emilio Subirá! Just what we have come to expect from this crazy good artist. Emilio has taken his love of white undies to a new level. Ha. These weird ‘mutant’ characters with big heads, stupid white underwear and attitude. These are something from a dimension we’ve yet to visit. Emilio has released five new mutants, which you can see below:

underwear mutant parade Rude boy 1 X
Rude Boy
underwear mutant parade MUGRE group 1 X
underwear mutant parade GRUMO group 1 X
underwear mutant parade CERUMEN 2 X
underwear mutant parade BRONCAS 2 X

If you want to pick up one of the five Underwear Mutants, you can do! Hey, how about that! You’ll need to head on over to Emilio’s store HERE. Priced between $110-120 (£85-£93).

Instagram: @emilio_subira

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