Sofubi Sabbath 2# – Presided by Max of Dabomb Toys

#sofubisabbath is a new regular feature on the blog where I’ll invite one person a the time to conduct this celebration. Meaning presenting 6 favorite pieces/concepts and talk about them or simply promote your work or show off your collection.

The celebrations are already on the way, on the first edition we had the honour of having the creator of Kaiju Cult himself. Christopher Paul gave us a sofubi lesson and the opportunity to look at the most prized pieces of his collection (read HERE).

This edition is indeed a special moment, presiding the ceremony will be the one and only Max from Dabomb Toys, sofubi creator, designer, cloth designer and a scene activist. His creations are strongly inspired by the cthulhu mythos and we love them. Pieces like the Abyss are already iconic and a regular feature here on the blog.

And without further ado, welcome to Sofubi Sabbath! Brave are those who attend…

As the night settles we gather for this plastic celebration. We feel something crawling behind our necks, the last raven screams and unspeakable truths dig into our brains. 6 bows for him who presides, 6 chalices break somewhere in some temple far away, 6 figures Max of Dabomb toys chose.

Hi fans of!  I’m Max,  designer of Dabomb Toys,  also the designer of Dabomb(clothing),  learning to be a sofubi painter lately.  Thank you for having me in Sofubi Sabbath! I’m going to share 6 of my favorite sofubi toys,  3 of them are made by me,  and the rest are from my own collection, it was very hard to choose…

1# Abyss customized by Maewmeaw333 (Thailand)

I follow Maewmaew333 in Instagram for a long time,  he’s a genius of customization,  this guy can create entrails for everything,  even a soda cup of KFC!  I’m so admire to his artwork,  so I send him one immediately when my first toy Abyss was made. Every detail of this oneoff edition is amazing,  not only the painting,  also the entrails he made in resin,  looks so realistic!  Had to say Maewmaew333 is a freaking awesome. 

2# Abyss painted by Blobpus

My second choice is also Abyss,  my first toy. It’s painted by Blobpus,  one of the best Japanese sofubi painter,  he is also my favorite painter.  Blobpus paint classic sofubi toys for Yamomark for a long time,  that’s why his style is very transitional,  feels totally different from any other painters.  It’s a great honor to have him painting my first toy. 

3# ABS01 customized by Kean

ABS01 is the latest toy I made, and Kean is one of the most talented painters in China. He’s very good at combining toys into one,  this time,  he created a brand new version of ABS01. It’s just an testing sample for now,  I hope it’s going to be an official micro run version in the future. 

4# MoonGoon by MVH & PaulKaiju & Splurrt

It’s like a Kinda Joy to me,  makes 3 of my dreams come true!  Having these three sofubi masters’s work once.  Although each side of MoonGoon was individually designed by Rich(MVH),  Paul and Splurrt,  but it looks so complete when put them into one toy. MoonGoon is also the first time I won lottery from these three masters,  that makes it so special to me. 

5# MVH DX set by Blobpus 

It’s amazing when two of your favorite artists work together!  MVH’s famous DX body and Blobpus’s famous hyper painting come together,  makes an awesome combination.  It took me a long time to collect all 5 of them,  each one has It’s own story,  that’s why it’s my top 6 favorite. 

6# Double-head lucky cat from Izumonster

Izumonster is a Japanese sofubi master, also an amazing tattoo artist,  he helped me a lot with my sofubi business and gave me lots of advice.  He’s like a teacher and also a big brother to me. This double-head lucky cat was released in his first solo show in my city, then we became friends, even have 2 tattoos done by him.  This toy is more like a symbol of our friendship, means a lot to me. 

We feel honoured and enlightened by the words and pictures shared in this ceremony. Silently and slowly we return to our every day life with the feeling that nothing will be like before.

Thank you Max from Dabomb Toys for conducting this rite.

You can follow him on Instagram and

We’ll see you on the next #sofubisabbath, brave are those who attend.

We have a forum dedicated to this series, be sure to discuss everything sofubi HERE.

Click below to check previous editions.

Want to preside the ceremony? Email us at [email protected] with your 6 favourite pieces.

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