Sofubi Sabbath 1# – Presided by Christopher Paul

#sofubisabbath will be a new regular feature on the blog where I’ll invite one person a the time to conduct this celebration. Meaning presenting 6 favorite pieces/concepts and talk about them or simply promote your work or show off your collection.

And for the start of this series we have the honour of having the creator of Kaiju Cult himself, a sofubi activist, a hardcore collector and connoisseur of all things kaiju. He has one of the most priceless collections and now we have the opportunity of hear all about his favourite pieces as he presides this ceremony. A moment of revelations, let yourselves be enlighted as we read the words of this legend.

6 times the bell tolls, 6 times we read the words, 6 figures Christopher Paul chose.

Let the #sofubisabbath begin!

I had a hard time picking just 6, so in fairness I decided to split it up between 3 of my favorite western and Japanese artists.

1# Mutant Vinyl Hardcore – “Black Magic Witch Hunter” Berserker

In the decade that Rich has been designing toys, he’s developed quite the deep portfolio of sculpts and paints but the Black Magic Witch Hunter is still my personal favorite after more than 5 years. I enjoy the more “evil” looking MVH paint jobs most and on this sculpt it really takes the cake with my favorite part being that devilish grin.

2# Illsynapse – Karma Dokuro 1st edition

Ishi’s first toy is Japanese tattoo flash come to life. He really did a great job transferring the style to another medium. What I really enjoy though about the karma dokuro is the light-hearted take on death itself. The reaper comes for us all, and it’s only grim if you want it to be.

3# Wes Benscoter – “Crab Scratcher” painted by Pushead

I got this toy at the Hyperstoic 2019 show in NYCC where I initially lost the lotto to a child. Luckily he went for a different one and I went for this one, which fit the red theme of the show. Pus’ paint work is fantastic, and I really appreciate the spatter effect. The crab scratcher is an awesome mutated demon and getting a Pus HP was the icing on the cake of a fun, chaotic show. 

4# TKOM – Demogorgon #2

The toxic demon of Hell itself, the Demogorgon! One of my favorite TKOM sculpts, this guy just has so much personality. #2 is my favorite color way primarily because of the bone-colored skull and red snake that feels the most organic.

5# Retroband – King of Demons” Tomb

Aaron has been pushing out some great horror sofubi for a few years now. He always has really creative ways to make his stuff unique, and this one is one of the most unique pieces yet. A tribute to a 1980s board game called “Horror House”, the eyes light up and he comes with this dope cape. Aaron really goes the extra mile to give each toy its own personality!

6# Izumonster – Skullman (DCON 2019)

And perhaps the most apropos toy during the COVID-19 lock-up: a zombie warning people to go away.
What’s not to love about Skullman?!??!? Izumo knows how to just have fun with his toy designs. The ripped open stomach, the goofy eyes and teeth, I love this guy and I hope to add his brother Frankenstein to my collection one day!

As the mist settles we rejoice with the words and images that pierced our brains. We thank Christopher Paul for conducting the first #sofubisabbath, for his knowledge of the arcane plastic arts.

We’ll see you on the next #sofubisabbath, brave are those who attend.

Also, stay tuned as Christopher just confessed that a new edition of Kaiju Cult is coming very soon!

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We have a forum dedicated to this series, be sure to discuss everything sofubi HERE.

Want to preside the ceremony. Email us at [email protected] with your 6 favourite pieces.

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