Root Plush by Coarse x Flat Bonnie at Thailand Toy Expo 2017!

We’ve known it was coming for some time now, the seeds were planted back in January. Do carrots grow from seeds? A quick Google suggests they do. Anyways, back in January of this year (which feels like a million months ago), we featured a news story on the possibility Coarse Toys was working with Playhouse to bring us a plush Root (from Nibble & Root combo, available at Collect & Display this weekend). Four months pass and it looks like the plush Root is ready for harvest.

In a collaboration with your favourite Flat Bonnie, Coarse & Playhouse will be dropping Root at Thailand Toy Expo! Measuring in at a whopping 13inches, Root is limited to 80 pieces at the Playhouse booth at TTE (with a further 45 pieces being made available at another unknown time). Priced at 1650BAHT (£37). Hopefully we’ll find out soon where the additional 45 are being sold, we’ll keep you posted once we hear details!

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