Amanda Visell Ferals tease

Peek of Amanda Visell x Kidrobot ‘Ferals’ series!

Kidrobot has released a picture on their Instagram account of one of the figures that will be available in the upcoming ‘Ferals’ series designed by Amanda Visell. The lovely lady herself also reposted the picture, and introduced the little fella as ‘Buck Wethers’. We love him loads already. Here he is!


This is the first full actual figure that has been seen from the series, and it is looking fantastic. From the teasers we have seen a range of Kidrobot platforms are going to be used, Amanda Visell putting her well known and adored style onto Trikky’s, Raffy’s, Munny’s and of course the Dunny.  You can read the previous TTC article about it here.


new amanda visell kidrobot

This was the previous image we have seen earlier in the year regarding the whole series, the adorable animals in the style we have seen in the past with figures such as the Wooden Dunny and Panda Labbit, and are going to be right at home in people’s collections if they already have Amanda Visell pieces, or these are going to be the introduction into the wonderful world of the much loved artist. Check out her instagram, and her website to see more of her  previous works. Amanda Visell has had several Kidrobot releases in the past, and we are delighted she has her own artist series and can fill people’s hearts and homes with these amazing works of art.

We are looking forward to Kidrobot and Amanda sharing more information about the series – more teasers, release date or ratio’s…we are excited as you are and will keep you posted!

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