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Noodles the Panda: Gold Editions from The Real Firestarter

If you’re a fan of The Real Firestarter‘s first Noodles release, then how about something a little more regal? Currently at the Thailand Toy Expo, we have Noodles the Panda: Gold Editions!

[frame align=”center”]Noodles_The_panda_The_Real_Firestarter_Gold_White_Gold[/frame]

Each of these gloriously golden pandas are handpainted and will come with a print inside the box, along with a limited edition certificate.

[frame align=”center”]Noodles_The_panda_The_Real_Firestarter_Gold_Black_Gold[/frame]

There will only be 5 White & Gold and 5 Black & Gold Noodles available, and each will cost $120 (around £80).

[frame align=”center”]Noodles_The_panda_The_Real_Firestarter_Gold_Editions[/frame]

These are currently only available at the expo, but if there are any left at the end they’ll be uploaded to her webstore here.

So, as The Real Firestarter says : Get your lucky Noodle on!

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