Let’s Raise some Mega Awareness for Autism!

Hey guys, pay close attention. We all know that the Designer Toy community is a pretty tight-knit one, always looking out for each other. Well, that’s what we see on a regular basis anyways. We need your attention to this next piece we bring you details of, as it’s for a great cause. Slowturtle’s Creations (Jathan) are looking to raise some much-needed funds to help with the expenses they are facing for the care of their oldest son, who is on the autistic spectrum. They currently cannot take care of their son as they normally do, due to severe cutbacks at his full-time job.

Jathan is putting up this custom Mega Munny (18inch) for sale. Priced at $500/£386, but Jathan is willing to negotiate on the price, as well as cover shipping in the continental US. He got the idea of customising the Kidrobot Munny in the autism awareness puzzle theme from his son. After seeing how frustrated his father was becoming with trying to figure out an original design for the Mega, he simply said to him, “Dad, why don’t you make a giant version of the first Munny you customised? I think that would be really cool”. The Munny in reference was a 4″ Mini Munny that looks exactly like it’s 18″ counterpart, that Jathan made in honour of his son. If you’re interested in adding this 1-of-1 custom, you should email Jathan on [email protected] or reach out to him on Instagram or Facebook.


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