Teased by us HERE the keshi figures were anxiously expecting are finally here. We’re talking about Super7‘s Mega Man M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.

A total of 4 pack are now available as well as the full set, amazing characters! Let us give you the full rundown;

Pack A – Mega Man, Ice Man, Sniper Joe

[slider source=”media: 73586,73587″ limit=”60″ width=”1020″ height=”1020″ title=”no”]


Pack B – Mega Man Firing, Fire Man, Metall

[slider source=”media: 73588,73589″ limit=”60″ width=”1020″ height=”1020″ title=”no”]


Pack C – Doctor Wily, Cut Man, Guts Man

[slider source=”media: 73592,73593″ limit=”60″ width=”1020″ height=”1020″ title=”no”]


Pack D – Doctor Light, Bomb Man, Elec Man

[slider source=”media: 73594,73595″ limit=”60″ width=”1020″ height=”1020″ title=”no”]


Each pack will set you back $6.00, you can get the full set for $24.

Also check the Mega Man merch available, all at;

[slider source=”media: 73596,73597″ limit=”60″ width=”580″ height=”640″ title=”no”]

If you get some please tell us, we would love to hear/read a review from you!


Head over to for more info.

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*pics via Super7

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