NIKO and friends by Houniot Studio

After a hard days grind, its a pleasant surprise when you stumble on something so Zen-like that makes you want to share to the world. check out NIKO and friends by Houniot Studio! The horned rabbit triggered our hearts. Stumbling across Houniot Studio’s via taobao was a heartwarming occasion this time around as we all need to try our a little meditation-practice, like NIKO and friends. Love the ceramic that Houniot Studio has produced and we hope you do too.

Niko horn rabbit

The rabbit is a natural explorer. Every horned rabbit will instinctively want to go further when it’s born and want to explore the wider universe. The horned rabbits are not divided into males and females. When they are adults, they can give birth to their offspring by spawning, and then travel alone with eggs. The horned rabbit can live 150 earth years. When there are only ten years left in life, they will choose the right place to hatch the eggs and teach them about the exploration of the universe. The rabbits hope to have a generation in this way. You can explore the edge of the universe

Sadly we have no background on the artist or Houniot Studio and would love to know more about them. From what we know is NIKO and friends come in various sizes and finishes. Below are a few examples.


 I was found to be a foodie when I was born, so I named it Xiaoyan Cat . 
There is a serious addiction disorder, like sweets, it is said that there was an accident when eating a planet made from a cake

Dragon pig

Pig: A strange creature that grows on the e star and has a long horn on its head. It looks like a pig. 
I like to collect treasures, often because of disputes over the treasures, causing the corners of the head to break. 
Every seven years, the dragon pigs will gather together to pick the right half, but the female dragon pig will only pick the complete partner of the upper corner to breed, and the dragon pig is now on the verge of extinction.


Born to be blind, but after training, I can find objects and avoid obstacles with the sense of smell, and become an excellent alien adventure puppy.
In an expedition, the unexpected landing of the spacecraft was unknown. On the planet, the planet’s aborigines acted as gods descending from the sky.


The whole body is pure white when it is born. It is said that in the dream they can cross into the fairy tale world. As the body grows up, it turns pale yellow and finally becomes dark yellow. Only a few can be retained in adulthood. This feature.

We could only find China stores that stock them. We would advise you to ask your local retailer if they stock Houniot Studio.


Or hit up our friends at Taobao/TMall shopper. Worldwide shipping.

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