Mimiko the Mermaid by MR H.H x Satan Toys

From illustrations to comic stips, artist comedian, H.H先生 links up with Satan Toys to see the much loved and adored Mimiko come to life in a different form! H.H先生 x Satan Toys goes into a vinyl designer toy. Already established a huge fan following fans can now have a chance to own Mimiko curiosity of Satan Toys. To us, Mimiko the Mermaid looks like it’s been interpreted very well from Satan Toys and fans of Mimiko should be happy with the outcome. Now Mimiko fans can take her everywhere they go.

Once upon a time in a fishing village, there was a girl named Mimiko. She was short and fat, but she was kind and enthusiastic. She had been dependent on his father who was not in good health since she was a child. The villagers liked her very much, but the children didn’t like her. They always bullied her and made fun of her appearance.

One day, Mimiko passed by the pier and saw one of the children who had bullied her fall into the sea. In a hurry, she found a driftwood and jumped into the sea. She pushed the driftwood to the child. In the meantime, a big wave hit and swept away Mimiko. While the kid was rescued, Mimiko disappeared.

When the villagers and Mimiko’s father came over and heard what had happened, they sat by the pier and were crying at the sea, hoping she would appear again. Out of sudden, a child pointed at the sea and shouted: It’s MIMIKO !!. At that moment, everyone looked at the sea. There’s a girl looking just like Mimiko, with colorful hair like coral, swimming fast with a pinkish fishtail. When she jumped out from the sea, under the sunset, across the horizon, she smiled and waved goodbye to everyone.

Since that day, the children in the village will never bully the children who are different from them, and there’s a good harvest every year. Rumor has it that when you’re down, just sit by the pier. Mimiko will listen to you and sing her heart out to soothe your wound.

Therefore, to thank Mimiko for what she has brought to the village, the villagers carved a statue and placed it on the pier, named Mermaid the Mimiko.

在很久以前在一個漁村,有一位少女名叫-美美子,他長得又矮又胖,但他善良又熱心,從小跟身體不好的父親相依為命,村民們都很喜歡他,但小孩子卻不喜歡她,總是欺負他,拿他的外表開玩笑,有一天他又經過碼頭看見其中一個欺負他的小孩掉到海裡,他情急之下,便抱著一顆漂流木跳下海,他把漂流木推給小孩時,一道海浪襲來,捲走了美美子,但小孩獲救了,當村民跟趕來的美美子的父親都坐在碼頭為消失在海上的美美子難過痛哭時,有個小孩指著大海說:是美美子!所有人立刻往海上看,一個跟美美子長得一模一樣的女孩在海面上,有著一頭像珊瑚般的彩色頭髮,擺動著粉色魚尾,在夕陽下閃耀著光芒,對著所有人揮手道別,從此村中的小孩再也不會欺負跟自己不一樣的孩子,漁村每年的漁獲都大豐收,村中更流傳著,當你遇到傷心難過不順心的事,只要去到碼頭坐著,美美子會浮出海面聽你訴苦,唱著歌陪著你,所以村民為感謝美美子帶來的一切,雕了一座人魚雕像放在碼頭,命名為-漁娘 美美子みみこ

MR.H.H x Satan Toys

Material: sofubi 

Size: 16.5cm

Specification: Four moveable joints, five subdivisions

Price: NTD. 1880 Retail Price: USD 90 / 1 pcs

Taiwan Domestic Pre-order:

Pre-order overseas:

★ Pre-order will only be counted as a success after payment is completed

★ One account limit to 3

★ Ends as soon as the order is full

★ The final style details of this work are mainly official final delivery, subject to change without notice

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