Mega Can by Czee13!

Mega love for our boi, Czee13 and his rusty Mega Can! He loves a bit of rust doesn’t he? A rusty trombone here, a rusty Mega Can there. When Czee makes them look good why would he need anything else. If you’re into your rust, and love a little bit of Czee, you’re in luck as he has one of his Mega Cans available for purchase on his store, see below for details!

This 6inch hand painted rusty Mega Can is available to purchase from Czee’s online store. It is a one-off featuring lovely blue eyes and a layered rust effect paint job. Priced at £230 + shipping and can be purchased HERE.

As per rusty tradition, you can find Czee and his work on Instagram HERE.


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Article by: Gary

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