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Sleeping Beauty Mermaid Release by WeArtDoing!

Stunning! When something is so mesmerising, you are captivated by its beauty. This is it. We are absolutely captivated by the new Sleeping Beauty and we think you will too. Without too many details & words, we want you to enjoy the images below….

Hundred Years of Twilight
“What matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.”
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
One Hundred Years of Solitude

If life spans across several centuries of time, how does one choose which memorable moments to keep and how does one preserve its freshness?

Condensed into amber, or carved on the reef. But she chose to seal all the memories of the world in an abandoned can, falling into slumber holding onto the beautiful memories, waiting for the next hundred years…

The legend of the mermaid lives in the beautiful dreams of mankind, in the story of time and in every wave of the ocean.

Some people believe that the origin of the mermaid in Andersen’s fairy tales is the goddess of love and beauty in ancient Greek mythology: Aphrodite. She was birth from a bubble, shining with the sun and the moon, sharing a long life with the ocean.

Whenever the tide recedes, the rosy sunset drapes over her gently. She sings an old ballad that contains the words a poet once recited to her:

“I have passed by many beautiful wonders like Eden, but the peaceful ocean contains many unheard stories”

The daughter of the ocean sings her story into the song, sending it off to the distance, comforting the returning birds, the lonely lighthouse, and the lost soul.

The tears of a mermaid are is like the tiniest part of the ocean. It flows through valleys and jungles, turning into rain, falling down on the world, and onto the shoulders of poets.

A hundred years of life, yet loneliness is the final outcome.

In the distant, where the sea and the sky meet, the daughter of the ocean is still singing that old song.

The Story behind Sleep Beauty Mermaid

There are two editions of Sleeping Beauty Mermaid available. Coral & Snow. They are each made from resin and measure in at 6inches wide and 3inches deep. They are currently available as a pre-order, with expected ship dates of Sept 2021. Both Coral & Snow are limited to 499 sets worldwide, and thankfully we have THREE of each colourway available on our TTC Shop! They are priced at £170 each plus shipping (free UK shipping).

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