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Mc King Hoodies Series by Jun-hyun Kim of 8B Studio

What happens if you promise someone some glorious fast food and they dress up for the occasion, then crush their happiness by declining them what they want? You get grumpy like Jun-hyun Kim of 8B Studio “King ” from the Hoodies Series! Look at King’s long and grumpy face, we can’t help but laugh while he has pain written over his facial expression in that clown outfit.

We can’t confirm yet is Oddrey or Mc King is up for sale but what we do know is now time for international collectors to get their hand on DDoong, Oddrey, Lop-in and the other crew! like we said a couple of weeks back HERE. Last year wasn’t all doom and gloom, 2020 did bring us some joy and one artist did just that! Jun-hyun Kim of 8B Studio “Hoodies Cat’s” ticked our boxes! over a year in the making, Jun-hyun’s delightful felines took over the neighbourhood. Each one has egos as well as their own characteristics. Did the Hoodies Cat match your own personality? Fast-forward to the present day, a New Year call for some new reinforcements to the world of Hoodies. Today it is your chance to grab them before they disappear. Lop_in (Rabbit), Candy (bird) 캔디 and last but not least Punch(Pug) 펀치 joins the 8B Studio too.

– Cute princess cat “Oddrey” (Pink, ragdoll)

  귀여운 공주병 고양이 “오드리”

– Robot Otaku Cat “DDoong” (Yellow, exotic) 

  로봇 오타쿠 고양이 “뚱”

– a bipolar cat “Asura” (Black & White, mix)

  조울증 고양이 “아수라”

– a cat that thinks it’s a lion “King” (Brown, abyssinian)

  사자라고 착각하는 고양이 “킹”

– a gun-loving rabbit “Lop-in” (Lop ear Rabbit)

  총기류를 좋아하는 토끼, 롭이어 토끼 로빈 

– an airplane-loving bird “Candy” (white head Long-tailed tit)

  비행기를 좋아하는 새, 흰머리 오목눈이 캔디

– a land turtle that needed a navy but couldn’t swim “Tank” (Land Turtle) – coming soon

  해군이 필요해서 뽑았지만 수영을 못 하는 육지거북, 탱크 – 출시준비중

-Always calm, thoughtless pug “Punch” 

 언제나 별생각없이 차분한 퍼그, 펀치

-Long waist. Dachshund rolling sideways. “Dalong” – coming soon

 허리가 길어 옆으로 굴러다니는 닥스훈트, 다롱이 – 출시준비중


★Order info –

Cat Size : 6.5cm(h) x 7cm(w) x 6cm

Material : Resin

★Price – Existing set buyers will get a 10USD discount per Toy.

  Oddrey(Pink) 오드리 : 95USD or 9.5만원 

  DDoong(Yellow) 뚱 : 95USD or 9.5만원 

  King(Brown) 킹 : 100USD or 10만원 

  Asura(Black&White) 아수라 : 95USD or 9.5만원 

  1 Set : 360USD or 36만원 

New toys ————————————

  Lop_in(Rabbit) 로빈 : 65USD or 6.5만원 

  Candy(bird) 캔디 : 70USD or 7만원 

  Punch(Pug) 펀치 : 80USD or 8만원 

★Add shipping cost : 23USD or 2.3만원 (국내배송 무료)

★Payment : Paypal (국내결제는 우리은행 입니다.)

★Start & Close of Order :  2021.01.16 ~ 31 (주문일정)

★Duration : 4 weeks (작업기간)

★Shipping Start : 2021.03.02 (배송시작)

★HOW TO ORDER : only email (E메일로만 받아요)

★★★ [email protected] ★★★

  1. English Name

  2. Instagram ID

  3. English address

  4. Zipcode

  5. Phone number

  6. Paypal Account

  7. Quantity (ex. Oddrey 1, King 2…)

  (한국분은 한글로 적어주세요. 국내는 택배로 배송됩니다.)

※This is a handmade toy.

이것들은 손으로 만드는 토이 입니다.

※Actual product may differ from the photographs.

실제 제품은 사진과 다를 수 있습니다.

※This is a handmade piece after the pre-order and can not be exchanged or refunded.

사전 주문 제작 제품으로 출고 후 반품이나 환불이 불가합니다.

※Due to the Covid-19 situation, some counties may have shipping restrictions; this may cause an unpredictable delay in shipping. As soon as shipping restrictions are lifted, your order will be shipped as soon as possible

Any order questions feel free to message or email via Instagram or  Facebook or [email protected].

Find 8B Studio at Instagram and Facebook.

Look out for more from 8B Studio in the near future.

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