The Pumpkin Tide – Lion

So, if you haven’t already seen this masterpiece it is a custom made for the lovely Jayne at Collect and Display. This is an 8″ figure with a variety of DIY parts mixed and matched to make one awesome creation!

The Pumpkin Tide Lion consists of a Trikky head which is on a Munny body with a Foomi tail! Though it doesn’t stop there.. The teeth of the figure are made from the tips of Foomi tails and the whiskers are pieces of nylon hanging wire. Amazing right!?



“The story behind her is that when I was a little girl I was convinced that in a previous life, I used to be a lion. Lee always takes the Micky out of me for this. The figure is supposed to be me in a lions costume to symbolise my personality as being tough and brave on the outside but soft on the inside” 





Personally, the one aspect that I absolutely love about this figure is the realistic touches that are introduced in the figure for example the nylon hanging wire whiskers.

As mentioned above that this is a commissioned piece though you are able to contact him on his email [email protected] if you would like one of these amazing pieces in your collection!

You can view Stuart’s other work via Facebook & Instagram and while you are at it go and check out and follow them on Instagram & Facebook.

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