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1000toys Showcase At ToyCon UK 2016

Clock is ticking, ToyCon minutes are coming closer, hearts pumping over time as 1000toys almost ready for you folks at ToyCon. Glad we can have them in sunny England. As well as showcasing custom WeGo line at ToyCon. Expect more reveals and prototypes for near future releases! “cough” maybe a new/ Re-issue Synthetic Human HA I bet most of you want to ask that question. Plenty of other releases from 1000toys and ToyCon attendees will have the chance to see them first. Here’s a sneak peek.

[youtube url=”” width=”1200″ height=”1000″][/youtube]

The first item will be the 12 MechatroWeGo Aqua which will be the first release from the new 1/12 scale series.
Being more than just a simple scaled up version from the 35 MechatroWeGo series, it will come with many new features revealed for the first time.

So, what’s so good about it? Here are 4 points that are different from the smaller versions.

1) Standing tall at 22cm, it is big and as we all know, bigger is always better.

2) The 12 MechatroWeGo will have new details and gimmicks shown for the first time!

3) LED Lights are built in and the eyes and tail lights to light up.

4) The 1/12 scale version will have more range of motion compared to the 1/35 version.

This is THE toy we dreamed of as a kid, with its big scale and cool details, light-up and articulation. What more can you ask for?

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The 1/6 scale articulated figure series “Kugutu” will be making its first appearance outside of Asia! Based on artworkd by the renowned sculptor Takayuki Takeya, the first product in development “Jomon Kugutu” will reflect the artistic culture from Japan’s ancient Jomon period.

Kugutu 1000toys Toycon uk 2016 Kugutu 1000toys


The Bionic Arm equipped by Venom Snake in METAL GEAR SOLID V:THE PHANTOM PAIN will be available as an awesome 1/1 life size scale prop!

Toa Heavy Industries 1000Toys x Toycon uk 2016

Sold originally as a bundle with the game exclusive to Japan, it was re-produced to match the high demands worldwide.

To be shipped worldwide in May, this will be a chance for Metal Gear Solid fans to get a hold of this item earlier than others!

Fully articulated and with a high range of motion, the Bionic Arm can be posed in many of the hand poses taken by Venom Snake in the game.
Also the tight joints enable this item to hold various items steadily in it.


The Bionic Arm will come in a special box made exclusively for this re-production version so don’t miss your chance to purchase this awesome item!

Price: ?140
Size: Approx. 420mm
Material: ABS, POM

1000Toys bionic ARM toycon uk 2016

35MechatroWeGo “Test & Helicopter” which is the newest addition to the 35 MechatroWeGo series. The set includes the standard 35 WeGo “Test” along with the helicopter unit.

35MechatroWeGo Test Helicopter

This set will feature the much awaited helicopter unit which will be the first large-sized attachment added to the series.

The helicopter unit will be detachable and also be attached to the earlier released 35 WeGo products, so we urge our fans to try it on various WeGo items to find your favorite combination.

The set also comes with a pair of extra hands with three fingers which will allow you to hold even smaller objects in its hands.

35MechatroWeGo Test Helicopter mouth

The set will come in a transparent case which can be used to pose and display the WeGo along with the helicopter unit. The display case is designed to be attached and stacked on top of each other, which will make this series easy to collect.

35MechatroWeGo Test Helicopter23

Price: ?37
Size: 75mm

35 MechatroWeGo DX series which will feature new parts added to the series for the first time.

The new parts include the cap, long boots and school backpack which will expand the world of Mechatro WeGo for our fans.

As with other parts, these new parts can be mixed and matched with parts from all releases of the 35 MechatroWeGo to create your very own WeGo with original color patterns!

The new parts can be removed and the WeGo can be switched back to the original form of the earlier 35 WeGo releases.

The product will come in a transparent case which can be used to pose and display your WeGo conveniently. The case is designed to be attached and stacked on top of each other which will make this item easy to collect.

Being cute and easy to collect, we hope to wide-spread the world of WeGo to the UK and Europe at ToyCon UK so don’t miss it!

35 MechatroWeGo DX

Toa Heavy Industries display for ToyCon UK

We will be featuring the 3 GCA units which are scheduled for 2016, as well as information regarding yet-to-be-announced products.

This will be the first time in any form for Toa Heavy Industries to be displayed in the UK/Europe.

3 GCA 1000toys 2 3 GCA 1000toys

IZMOJUKI, the first mecha series from 1000toys.

The IZMOJUKI series will be a core-based toy which allows you to mix and match parts from different types to build your own mechs.

IZMOJUKI toycon uk

Designed by the mecha designer Junji Okubo, who is famous for his works on the original ‘Steel Batalion’ game as well as various anime series, this will feature a mecha design different from what we consider as classic mechs.

Making its first appearance out of Asia, this is a must see for the mecha lovers at ToyCon UK

About Junji Okubo

From designing the classic Vertical Tank mecha for the original “Steel Battalion”, to the transforming Strike Suit space fighters in “Strike Suit Zero”, Junji Okubo has defined a fresh new industrial aesthetic in the varied realm of mecha design.

Eschewing much of the theatrics common in Japanese mecha, Junji Okubo approaches mecha as machines that could almost exist in real life. The result of this approach is a unique visual style that has a very broad appeal.

The mark of a classic mecha is, whether if its form follows function. With all of Junji Okubo’s designs, you can quickly see what they are used for and how they could work. It’s this charm that has made his work so accessible and engaging.

Follow Junji Okubo at his FB and Tumblr to see more of his great works via  Facebook and Tumblr.


A new Toa Heavy Industries line will be revealed at ToyCon UK 2016

Toa Heavy Industries Toycon uk 1000Toys

Need Synthetic Human fix you can check out our reviews of the line HERE.



ToyConUK 2016
Find 1000toys at booth #29 at ToyCon.

To keep tabs on 1000Toys visit their Website, Facebook and Twitter

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