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Marvel Okinawa’s Halloween Cosplay Lottery

Marvel Okinawa’s classic sofubi characters are back and this time they are geared up in their cosplays for Halloween! Each of these cosplay characters is a 1 of 1 edition, hand painted with textile accessories. These guys are SO awesome.  The shine and precision of lines and the use of mixed media accessories have us -dying- to be in on the lottery!  The instructions for how to enter can be found here at the bottom of this post and on the Black Book Toy Blog as well as more photos and information on each of these Spooky Sofubis.

The First Character we meet is Scum Cosplaying as a mummy.  With movable arms and actual bandages wrapping around, Scum looks like the cutest creepy Mummy we can imagine.  The wide grin and side sparkling eyes are only topped by the detail of his checkered shoes.   This is a cosplay gone RIGHT! His Lotto Pricetag: 32000 yen/220.17 pound/284.45 US dollars

scum-mummy-2scum-mummy-1 scum-mummy-3


Then, there’s Guy dressed (so appropriately) as Frankenstein. But wait… THERE’S MORE!  That’s right – Franken-Guy is Glow In The Dark.  Mind. Blown.  My personal favorite part is between the handmade cloak and his Frankenstein charm.  The charm even has a little monster eye on the bottom.  Does anyone want to make these necklaces a separate thing?  If so … count me in on that, too!  His Lotto Pricetag: 23000 yen/158.88pound/204.64USdollars

Marvel-okinawa-franken-1 Marvel-okinawa-franken-2 Marvel-okinawa-franken-3 Marvel-okinawa-franken-4 Marvel-okinawa-franken-5 Marvel-okinawa-franken-7


Mousezilla makes his appearance at this party as a Vampire with a cloak and necklace to make Dracula envious.  The detail in the skin is ridiculous, down to the capillaries present in his facial features.  His lotto Pricetag: 43000yen/297.04pound/382.58USdollars

Marvel-okinawa-mousezilla-1 Marvel-okinawa-mousezilla-2

Welcome to The Beast who is popping into the party as a ghost.  With a dual-sided head and a gauze cloak with a removable hood, The Beast offers a variety of ways to display and enjoy his masterfully designed and painted body.  DEFINITELY head to the site to check out the other photos for the beast as well as the others. There are so many great angles to appreciate his detail. His lotto pricetag: 32000 yen/220.17 pound/284.45 dollars

Marvel-okinawa-beast-1 Marvel-okinawa-beast-2 Marvel-okinawa-beast-3

Alex and Dim show up dressed as Japanese Shinigami which are essentially the grim reapers of Japanese lore.  These two ‘cosplayers’ do the scary stories of the shinigami justice with their skull staffs, removable masks, and fur collars.  I especially love the “trick or treat” painted on their backs.  Their Lotto Pricetags: 30000 yen/207.24pound/266.95USdollars

Marvel-okinawa-alex-and-din-3Marvel-okinawa-alex-and-din-1 Marvel-okinawa-alex-and-din-2


So you’ve met these party animals and now you want to enter the lottery. This is done via email and PayPal (or direct bank draft) all in Japanese Yen.  There is a small shipping fee as well to be aware of :

Domestic (Japan) shipping – 700 yen

Okinawa 1500 yen

Other Asia: 1800yen

North&Central America, Europe, Oceania:2500yen

South America &Africa: 3500yen


Applications accepted from

Japan: 1200 Am October 26  to 1159 PM October 28.

LA:  Oct 25th 8 am – 28 th 7 : 59 am

NY:  Oct 25th 11 am – 28 th 10: 59 am

UK: Oct 25th 4 pm – 28 th 3 :  59 pm
Thailand: Oct 25th 10 pm – 28 th 9: 59 pm
Hong Kong, Taiwan: Oct 25th 11 pm – 28 th 10: 59 pm

Format email as follows to “[email protected]

Subject: Halloween 2018 Lottery application


Street Address:


Payment method (bank transfer, PayPal):

Product name:

Optional Instagram:



And don’t forget to follow Marvel Okinawa on his Instagram




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