Last Day for Independent Artists for Black Lives Matter Entries

Trev at TNT Plastic and a whole bunch of awesome independent artists have set up a collective to raise money for the Black Lives Matter cause. Today is the last day to enter, and we have put together information on how to get involved. Check it below…

What is IA4BLM?

Independent Artists For Black Lives Matter is a concerted group effort from artists in and around the designer toy world to make a meaningful contribution to aid in the fight against violence and systematic racism towards black people. We have invited like-minded artists who want to make a difference by using their medium to express themselves.

The artists will donate customized toys, one-off variants of their existing platforms, rarer production pieces and original 2D art as their contribution. These pieces will be available by a computerized raffle system.

What are the charities involved?

We are not working directly with any charities. We are merely working as an in-between, suggesting charities for people to give to during this tumultuous time in our collective history. Black Lives Matter as a movement is the central idea that this will benefit. We wanted to leave it up to the people making the donations to research where they would like their money to go. BLM is the spirit of the cause but people have their own preferences. At the end of the drive we will announce each individual charity and how much they received as well as the grand total that we collected as a community.

There is a list of suggested BLM charities posted to our Instagram (HERE) and to our Facebook page (HERE). Look for the title “BLM CHARITIES”

NO MONEY WILL BE HANDLED BY IA4BLM. People will receive a unique number associated with their name that works as raffle tickets by making donations directly to charities that contribute to the betterment of black lives. People will make their donations to the charity of their choice and then email scans of the receipts for the donations to our designated email address: [email protected]

Below are the different art releases that will be available in this raffle…

Who are the artists involved?

IA4BLM is organized by artists. The artists making contributions for the first round (in alphabetical order) are:

3D Hero
5th Turtle
Bearly Available
Berserker Black Market
Big C
Bunny Mishief
Candie Bolton
The Cryptocurium
HH Toys
Hot Actor
Miscreation Toys
Nicole Rimel
Playful Gorilla
Reis O’Brien
Resin Rookie
Rios Palante
Serge and Destroy
Sket One
Tenacious Toys
TNT Plastic

When will the raffles be run?

We will be doing an IG Live to run the raffles on 7/7/2020. This will give us time to do any final verification and organization. Also, it allows people to return to whatever we are calling a normal life at that point after the holiday weekend. Time to be determined but it will be in the evening.

How will donations be recorded?

We are asking that the person who made the donation email a copy of their receipt to our dedicated email

[email protected]

We are also asking that they list their name as they would like it to be entered into the raffle and which pieces they are going for.

How much will each person need to donate to be eligible?

We are trying to make this as simple and as accessible as possible. Entries are $5 each … and with a bonus raffle featuring the item donated by Sket One, you will get 5 entries for every $20.
For every $5 donated, the person will get 1 virtual raffle ticket. There are no physical tickets but they will receive a number for each of their entries. We will send a verification back to them via email.
We have a donation of a signed Toronto Red Kranky from Sket One that will work as unifying donation piece. For every $20 that someone donates to any of our other artists, that person will receive a bonus ticket with a unique number to be entered into Sket’s raffle. We will list an example donation and how it would be broken up at the bottom of this FAQ

Can people donate more than once?

YES! Any and all receipts received during the Giving Period will be eligible. Since we are staggering the announcement of pieces as they become available, we are encouraging people to donate often. It is just like with any raffle, as long as it is during the open period.

Can people split their donations between artists?

YES! If a person wants to use their entire amount towards one artist, that is great. But if they would like to split between 2 or more, they would just need to let us know in their initial email. Also, if an artist has not posted their piece but you think you may be trying to win it, we encourage you to wait to contact us. We would prefer to cut down on as much back and forth as we can to keep this as tight as possible.

Can people change their raffle ticket to go to another piece?

NO. 🙂 They can feel free to donate more to get tickets towards another piece but to keep this as clean as possible we are not allowing changes to assigned tickets.

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