KAWS Companion Open Edition at Secret Fresh

We hear word on the streets of the Philippines that Secret Fresh have stock of the KAWS Companion Open Edition available. These highly desirable items are starting to really ramp up in availability, fucking up the plans of flippers. Which we are loving, cos #fuckflippers. If you’re in the Philippines, it’s your chance to grab these.

Priced at P15,000 (around $300/£235). We have been reliably informed that due to numerous reasons (high tax, conversion rate etc) that these are higher in price. They will likely have been bought from another gallery (YSP or MoMA etc) and shipped to the Philippines. You can only purchase these by visiting the Secret Fresh store in Manilla, but if you’re in the Philippines you could email them at [email protected] to see if they would sell & ship to you. Worth a shot.

Don’t forget that YSP still have most of the Open Edition Companion’s available for purchase for retail HERE. Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

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