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Introducing: Pre-Release Insider Cough Klub!

We at The Toy Chronicle have always made it our mission to make life easier for Designer Toy fans! Whether that through our award-winning Designer Toy coverage, or through our TTC Mobile App (search The Toy Chronicle on App Store/Google Play store). We have concocted another plan that we hope will make it easier for our TTC Family to cop highly popular Designer Toy releases.

Now that we are up & running with our TTC Shop (visit, we are able to bring in some hot TTC hype releases in the near future. We have already seen such items as the Kid Katana release by 2petalrose, multiple releases from Sank Toys too! What other things will we have in store? We’ll you will have to wait & see, but if you want to get early access to these future drops, we have a way!

We call it the Pre-Release Insider Cough Klub, or P.R.I.C.K for short! Now, what is the P.R.I.C.K we talk about…. read on below for more details!

We are going to utilise our TTC Leaderboard to give the Top 25 access to any future limited edition releases, and for that moment in time the Top 25 will be in the Pre-Release Insider Cough Klub!

How will the Pre-Release Insider Cough Klub work?

On the morning of a limited edition release, we will take a snapshot of the TTC Leaderboard and send out a P.R.I.C.K email to all those in the Top 25 with a special URL that will be active for only those that are in the Top 25. The drop will still happen at the same time as the general release, but you will have the P.R.I.C.K link in advance. Non-P.R.I.C.K members will not even be able to see the product on the TTC Shop.

We will check all orders that are placed, and if they do not correlate to a Top 25 email, we will cancel that order. No sharing the P.R.I.C.K URL with your mates!

If the release has more than 50 run size, we will keep 25 of these for the Pre-Release Insider Cough Klub for the first 24hours of sale. Giving you time to make your purchase rather than hit that F5 button on your keyboard! After 24hours, we will release any remaining stock to the general public.

If there are less than 50 run size, we will put half set aside for the P.R.I.C.K and notify you in the email that the availability is less than 50. You will still have a better chance to snag one, as you will only potentially be facing 24 other people in the Top 25, rather than a baying crowd of Designer Toy fans.

Update on July 18th: if there are five or less in the run, these will ALL be allocated to the P.R.I.C.K for a 24hour window. If they don’t sell within that 24hr window, they will be released on the TTC Shop for general public.

How to climb the ranks of the TTC Leaderboard?

It is easy to climb the ranks for the TTC Leaderboard, and you can do so without spending a penny too! To make the Top 25, you need to earn TTC Points! To earn TTC Points you need to complete certain actions on The Toy Chronicle website. Whether that is reading posts, voting on posts, reacting on posts etc. Each action earns TTC Points, as seen in the table below. Also, as part of the TTC Shop every £1 you spend with The Toy Chronicle will earn you TEN TTC Points, these will obviously maximise your chances to make the Top 25, but not always necessary. Some members of the TTC Leaderboard have made their way by reading hundreds of TTC Posts and voting/reacting to each one!

ActionTTC Points
Register an account10pts
Daily Visit to TTC5pts
View TTC Posts1pt
View Forums1pt
View Forum Topics1pt
View Products1pt
Login to TTC Account1pt
Create TTC Content50pts
Write Comments5pts
Click on links in posts5pts
View full videos10pts
Create Forum Topics30pts
Create Forum Replies15pts
Upload Avatar50pts
Update Profile5pts
Add new Friends5pts
Vote for a Post1pt
React to a Post1pt

You can check out the TTC Leaderboard using the button below! We truly hope that bringing in the Pre-Release Insider Cough Klub will make it easier for those wanting to capture the limited edition releases that we have planned in the future!

If you want to support The Toy Chronicle, we have a number of options available to you. We have started to stock a wide range of releases that we think you will enjoy. Ranging from production pieces from Superplastic, Unbox Industries & POP MART, to original pieces from our favourite artists like 2petalrose, Sank Toys & Czee13. Purchasing one of our pins also really help. A quick, cheap way to also support the TTC is by making a small donation. These can all be completed below through our online shop. We appreciate all the support! Thanks!


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  1. Great idea! Do you have a set time for “the morning of a limited edition release”? With all the different time zones my morning is not your morning. 🙂

    • Morning time UK. So would be around 9am BST. We would plan to drop later in the day around 3-4pm BST so should allow folks to be awake around the world.

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