Welcome to the TTC Points Leaderboard! For most activities on TTC, you will earn points. Log in – points! View a post – points! Partake in the TTC Forum – points! So enjoy your time with The Toy Chronicle and work your way up the TTC Leaderboard. As you get certain number of points, you will also rank up! Work your way from TTC Newbie to TTC Family through to TTC Legend! If it helps, we have put together a table of points, so you know what to do to achieve TTC greatness. This can be found at the bottom of this page underneath the TTC Leaderboard. There is generally no daily limit to the number of posts you view, or number of votes, reactions, comments etc.

We have also added TTC Points to any purchase made in the TTC Shop too. Every £ you spend, you earn yourself TEN TTC Points.

Christmas TTC Leaderboard Giveaway

Our next TTC Leaderboard giveaway is now underway! On 25th December 2019, whomever sits within the Top 25 of the TTC Leaderboard will be entered into a draw to win a custom 8inch SuperJanky by our good friend, Czee13!

  1. 1 TTC Founder


    1,017,514 pts
  2. 2 TTC Founder

    TTC Beard

    1,011,970 pts
  3. 3 TTC Legend


    12,351 pts
  4. 4 TTC Legend


    6,064 pts
  5. 5 TTC Legend


    5,270 pts
  6. 6 TTC Legend


    4,952 pts
  7. 7 TTC Legend


    3,303 pts
  8. 8 TTC Legend


    3,209 pts
  9. 9 TTC Legend

    James Frazer

    3,125 pts
  10. 10 TTC Family Lvl 3!


    2,971 pts
  11. 11 TTC Family Lvl 3!


    2,936 pts
  12. 12 TTC Family Lvl 3!

    Sheldon Gold

    2,540 pts
  13. 13 TTC Family Lvl 3!


    2,064 pts
  14. 14 TTC Family Lvl 3!

    Nancy P.

    2,011 pts
  15. 15 TTC Family Lvl 3!

    Theresa Hawkins

    1,957 pts
  16. 16 TTC Family Lvl 3!

    Uncle Absinthe

    1,946 pts
  17. 17 TTC Family Lvl 3!

    Stephanie Jones

    1,721 pts
  18. 18 TTC Family Lvl 3!


    1,416 pts
  19. 19 TTC Family Lvl 3!


    1,223 pts
  20. 20 TTC Family Lvl 3!


    1,164 pts
  21. 21 TTC Family Lvl 3!

    Georgina MacDonald

    1,162 pts
  22. 22 TTC Family Lvl 3!

    Andrew Cooper

    1,117 pts
  23. 23 TTC Family Lvl 3!


    1,066 pts
  24. 24 TTC Family Lvl 3!


    1,012 pts
  25. 25 TTC Family Lvl 2!

    Emmanuel Jimenez

    945 pts
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Daily Visit to TTC5pts
View TTC Posts1pt
View Forums1pt
View Forum Topics1pt
View Products1pt
Login to TTC Account1pt
Create TTC Content50pts
Write Comments5pts
Click on links in posts5pts
View full videos10pts
Create Forum Topics30pts
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Upload Avatar50pts
Update Profile5pts
Add new Friends5pts
Vote for a Post1pt
React to a Post1pt

In the interest of being open, points were added to TTC Beard, Andy & Pedro at the start. Everyone else started on zero (0) points. We are planning on some cool giveaways for those that actively participate in the new functionality of TTC and build up their TTC Points.