FOLDIO-Foldable Photo Studio

While having a quick look on Kickstarter I saw a picture that caught my eye, it was someone taking a shot of a “toy” with an iPhone and the title “FOLDIO-the 1st foldable studio for smartphone

20131119-050915 pm.jpg
Well I was intrigued so had a little look and what I found was was something that I think a lot of collectors and artists would find useful.
This product is described as “Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures. The new level of possibilities in Smartphone photography!

20131119-051636 pm.jpg
The FOLDIO is what the title says. It’s a mini foldable photo studio, that comes with a built in LED light strip and (at an extra cost) changeable background colours.

20131119-052324 pm.jpg
Now this project has gone above its pledge target and still has (at time of posting) 43 days left, as you can imagine the “early bird) pledge levels have gone but if you head over to kickstarter page you can still get one for yourself, I know a couple of the guys from TTC will be backing this!

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